Stats on Gear?

I'm just starting to use a Pally and have a question on stats for gear. For a protection Pally that will tank, what stats should I be looking for? And as a duel spec as a Ret Pally, what stats am I looking for on that gear?

Also, for a protection Pally, do I want the most DPS single handed weapon or a speedier weapon or does it matter? I'm assuming the biggest DPS 2-handed weapon is the way to go with a Ret Pally.

Thanks very much for your help. So far, I'm having a blast with the Pally at these low levels as either Ret or Prot.
For protection while leveling.. you want Stamina & Strength. Later on you might find some stuff with dodge too.

For Ret you also want Strength and Stam. Crit, Hit & Attack power is also good.

For prot weapons, you want the slower ones (assuming similar dps).
Early on, just take what's on your best gear options - reforge for mastery/hit/expertise.

As you move from heroics into raiding, hit and expertise will take on a more significant role.

Stamina is always the most important.
Thank you very much for the info! Most appreciated

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