how do I tank?

or more specifically, what's changed since patch ~3.2?

I stopped playing the game for about 7 months, but I recently came back and some RL friends have convinced me that I should pick up my level 80 prot pally again and faction transfer to horde to play with them.

I took a look at the first tier of prot talents and immediately felt lost. lol. anyone have any pointers or suggestions on talent builds/glyphs and tanking rotations?

this character will probably exclusively be tanking 5-mans and heroics, which is exactly what I was doing with him pre-Cat (tanked every heroic but the Icecrown 5-mans, which were released about the same time I started dropping off). I don't see ever stepping into a raid again (RL circumstances have changed for the better, meaning my days of hardcore raiding are behind me, but I still like to knock around for a couple hours a couple times/week)

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