Idea for Ret mastery

Excerpt from the recent blog:

Mastery is a new stat for us, and while it's working great for some talent specs, we'll almost certainly have to tweak it for others in a future patch (Unholy and Retribution come to mind, because their masteries currently affect sources of damage that just aren't large enough to be competitive).

So I had this idea. If they're going to revamp Ret's mastery, why not change our Seal system at the same time?

Hear me out. Have our mastery change from Hand of Light (a decidedly interesting, yet eventually disappointing mechanic) to Seals of Command.

Seals of Command:
Your melee attacks deal x% of weapon damage as holy damage. Increases by x% per point of mastery.

Now, at the same time, change all Seals to deal no damage, but to keep their effects.

Seal of Insight:
Your melee attacks have a chance to heal you for x% and restore 4% of your base mana.

Same as now.

Seal of Righteousness:
While active, your auto attacks and Templar's Verdict deal damage to two nearby targets.

Acts similarly to Seals of Command's effect on SoR, but also gives us a better reason to hit TV in AoE situations if we get 3 HP via DS.

Seal of Truth:
Your auto attacks Censure the target, causing them to take 4% more holy damage from the Paladin per stack. Stacks up to 5 times, lasts 15 seconds.

A bit different, it will make the target take 20% more holy damage from your attacks instead of a DoT. Firstly, I never really felt Paladins were a DoT class anyway, but if they want to keep it, it would be easy to change Inquiry of Faith to have it apply the DoT like Righteous Vengence used to.

Seal of Justice:
Your melee attacks limit the target's run speed for 5 seconds.

Same as now, just no damage attachement.


So what will this mean? Well, this means we will scale nicely with Mastery depending on the % weapon damage it deals, and that choosing a Seal will be more about their effect rather than the damage, which is something that I think should have been the intent from the beginning.

Quick edit: also, while this makes our Mastery very passive, I think that, while an active mastery would be fun, a more passive one is easier to balance and scale in the long run. We don't need another RNG effect, so I think simply making our Seal system scale with us would fit with our theme (Seals/Judge have been Paladin-y since Vanilla launch) and would be a much better solution than Hand of Light.

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