Hunter pet limit question

Hi all, Im playing my new goblin hunter right now (the starting areas are amazing by the way) and i just hit level 10. Im wondering how I can tame a new pet?

I dismissed my crab but it says I have too many pets already when i try to tame one of those fire breathing turtles on the island.
you more than likely need to stable the pet since you will need to level up to get the other call pet's (not sure of the levels needed for em since xpac). other option would be to summon the crab and abbandon it. then tame a diff pet. stable masters tend to be by inn's and you can ask a guard in any major city
Taming a pet no longer puts it automatically into the stable. I honestly do not know how many pet slots you have at level 10. If you click on your 'call pet' ability you should see a drop box with slots in it. However many slots there are is how many pets you can carry on you at once.
You might have to visit the stable master and stable your pet before you can tame another.
At level 10, only 1 pet is available at any given time. You have to stable or Abandon (right click pet's image on status bar) to tame another. Dismiss basically just puts em on hold. Once you hit 18 you get Call Pet 2 which allows you to carry two pets with you at any given time and switch back and forth between them with Dismiss/Call Pet.
Way late on the subject but I really wanted to know how many lvls it is before each new slot open up at the stables and what the max is?
18 gets you number 2, 24 for number 3, 62 for number 4, 82 for the last slot number 5.
You get fifty more with stable slots.

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