I want my Goku Hair!

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No really ...I need my Goku Hair! I feel lost and naked without it and honestly, I refuse to accept anything less than the awesomeness that is the stolen blood elf hairstyle, that never even really fit the human head, that we now call the "Goku Hair"!

Now some may be thinking, Tesceche, the Goku Hair ruined the human barbershop and all who choose to use it are a bunch of Mountain Dew drinking, Pizza Roll poppin' 12 year olds with no social life ....and to that I would have to say with great emphasis "NOU!". The fact is, without our beloved Goku Hair, Mr. King (SHUT YO MOUF) Varian wouldnt be the character we all know and love today! How so? Well obviously because without the Goku Hair to show off his well chiseled and overly mocked chin, who in their right mind would actually respect the man? NOT I SAYS THE MOOSE!

So what do I want? No, let me rephrase. WHAT DO I NEED?! I need my Goku Hair on my Worgen and I want it NOW! Too long have I been without the pure awesomeness that has been STRIPPED FROM ME simply because I chose to race change to an overly-hyped wolf man. Too long have I sat in Stormwind crying in the corner as all the level 1 Human Paladins ran past! I CANNOT FEEL LIKE A TRUE WOLF DOG UNTIL THE AWESOMENESS OF THE KAMAYAMAYAN STYLED FASION RETURNS!

With that said, I'd also like to request that I be able to change my human form in the chair and not have to just sit there with no options. This of course is a minor request. The true problem here is of course what we've already discussed. GO!
Fine. This is obviously the most important issue on the forums but nobody wants to talk about it.
i want my goku hair!
i want goku hair too
No thanks,we're not all 13 still, or Colin Farrell.
OP, I like you.

And I too wish the worgen form's customization was separated from the human form's. The facial hair that goes with my favorite worgen ear style is creepy.

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