Pet Misdirect macro

UI and Macro
Ok, so this is what I am looking for/ trying to make, but am having no luck at all.

I would like to send my pet to attack my current target.
Then cast misdirect on my pet.
Then retarget my last target.
Then start attacking.

I figured this would be really useful, especially in leveling. Can this even been done? Can someone please help me out here?
I am going to interpret you want to attack a target with your pet being misdirected using the same target. So bascially only 1 target is involved. If not what you meant, then explain with target A and target B.

/cast [@pet] Misdirect

That will just auto-shot. But you might want to put in a bigger shot if you have one.
/cast BigShot
(steady shot, chimera, explosive, cobra, etc).
Or even put in a few
/castsequence reset=target/combat Serpent Sting, Arcane Shot, Steady Shot

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