[JC Trinkets] Workaround for bugged level 85s

You can group with a sub85 jewelcrafter with 475+ skill and have him/her trade the trinket quest item to you.

I did this earlier this morning with a guild mate. Before I logged on he received ALL 4 of the quest items. So he invited me to his group in Deepholm, destroyed the items I wanted and proceeded to kill around 30 mobs... both the stam & agility items dropped. He traded them to me and voila! I have both trinkets I want now.

Not the ideal, but this works for those who really need these NOW for raiding/heroics.
what do u mean by he "destroyed the items i wanted"
I can confirm this works. Found a guy with all 4 trinket quest starter items in his bags, he deleted them, and we procceded to farm http://www.wowhead.com/npc=42521#drops in large quantities and they dropped again.

He just has to loot then trade them to you.
Ok, so i have 2 alts w/ JC 475 and are below 85, so theoretically i could farm the drop on my alt, trade it to a guildie, then get that guildie to trade it to my main (which is 475 jc @ 85)
The items are BOP so unfortunately that would not work Repertoire. You would need to find another person or have your characters on 2 separate accounts.

Anyhow, ty for the tips in this thread, I'm going to go and try this.
um i dont follow, if they are BoP, how come u can trade em in the first place?
I'm assuming because you are technically eligible for the item, it's just bugged for 85s. So since you are eligible and in a group, it would normally pop up a roll window. Items like this can usually be traded within a time frame to other people who were eligible for the item.

I'm not saying that is why it works, but that is what I am assuming.
mm he said he traded - not i lost the roll then he traded it to me
As a sidenote, there're five trinkets totally. Str/Tank/Agi/Heal/Caster.

Grouping with a dru can get all 4 but the str version. So I guess for whoever wants the strength version, gogroup with a plate wearer, who is not 85 and have high level JC(if not 475, go help him as a investment for your trinket).
Just used this method to get the Tanking Trinket. Tolerable workaround for the damned bug. Bump to help others!
Yeah forget workarounds. I'd like to receive these items the way it was supposed to work.
12/12/2010 6:45 PMPosted by Repertoire
mm he said he traded - not i lost the roll then he traded it to me

Because he didn't get a chance to roll on them, since 85s are currently ineligible to loot the trinket drops.
Bump for a blue response
What trinkets are we talking about? Anyone have a name for them or the name of the quest being referenced?
Bump for blue response... I'm trying to get this as well but no luck finding anyone with 475 JC that isn't already level 85.
does the non 85 jc also have to have 475 skill for the work around?
yes and he must also destroy the ones he has in his bags/bank if there are any....

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