I'm not normally one to complain, but..

Seriously? Have any of the developers played a paladin at 85? I tested ret on the beta in raids, with full level 85 epics, and was -always- last on DPS, under the tanks, with 2% critical strike chance. 2%! How is that even possible?! You start out with 5%!

I submitted plenty of feedback on that account with other paladins, explaining that ret is basically worthless in PvE. They did nothing. Divine storm doesn't give a holy power point? Really? And it's damage is pathetic compared to the AoE of literally EVERY other class. Oh, and if you want to waste mana on consecration and holy wrath, you might see 50-60 more DPS on your meters.

We're the laughing stock of the level cap. I've been booted from parties as soon as they were formed for reason 'lol, ret paladin.' I've been targeted by the same rogue over and over in battlegrounds because there's no way I can kill him, even if I could use all of my cool downs in one fight, which I can't. Everyone in my guild and on my friends list is enjoying the expansion thoroughly, they all loved the new zones, while I was using Lay of Hands and almost dying on two mobs. TWO.

I'm not saying I'm the best player, but I have been in some damn good raiding guilds, and PvPed with some of the best on my server, and I always got invited back time and time again until now. That leads me to believe that paladins are currently broken, and I would dearly appreciate if a Blizzard employee would listen to us for once, and fix it. I feel like an enhancement shaman in patch 1.01, only I don't have windfury. Help.
Lol ... I leveled as ret (my second OS in Wrath) and am now maining ret, so my gear going into Cata was probably on par, if not worse then yours and I had no issues leveling.

Yes Ret has issues right now, but it seems in your case that you aren't maximizing your class and need to work on it.

If you were dying, how many times did you use divine protection, Word of Glory, Rebuke, etc. I'm guessing not enough.
I have honestly no idea what you're talking about, yes I am using things like LoH more but I'm never last in my dps charts. Sometimes (With the RNG gods working for me) I can even out-do mages and other glass cannons.

I think your problem is your ability choice. Divine storm is WORTHLESS unless there's 5 or more targets in an AoE pull, so you'll only use it for those large packs of tiny things that die in 1 hit.

Also to keep in mind, Crit rating isn't that big of a deal for a ret pally as haste. Haste is literally the thing to have now, faster Crusader strike/divine storm cooldown, and also more white swings which mean more procs for Art of War and our mastery.

Inquisition might be part of your problem as well, With inquisition and an art of war proc Exorcism is easily the most powerful spell we have at the moment.
Divine Storm needs more than 5 mobs to be good. 5 is if you just factor in damage to even out with Crusader Strike. It doesn't factor in that you may not get a point of Holy Power.
The majority of pallies being.... what? The people who post here? The amount of people who actually post on forums is such an absurdly low number that it can in no way be considered a "majority".

The majority of people on the forums are crying because that's what people think forums are for. "Oh man, if I go QQ on the forums, maybe Blizzard will hear me and change my class!" Friggin kidding me....

If all you're going to do is *%#%* about how bad the Paladin is, then don't friggin play it. No one is sitting there with a gun to your head telling you to roll Ret and whine about it to everyone. Re-roll, as I'm sure you probably already were a FOTM re-roller from Wrath who jumped on the Ret bandwagon in 3.0.2 and are just refusing to get off, even though it's not going in the same direction you want.
Ret is just a mess right now. RNG procs, RNG mastery, insanely boring and uninvolved "rotation." Anecdotal evidence about how you did awesome DPS in one boss fight in a random meaningless dungeon doesn't change the fact that the spec is clunky and just not fun to play. In soloing and PvP, our healing capability is completely lolworthy without having a way to get Crusade up (and even then it's one and done), so there's no reason for the damage to be so gimped. I want to love Ret, I really do, but right now it's just really difficult.
If you put on decent amounts of haste, it really evens out the RNG. I'm prot main, but I collected a haste set of ret quest gear, and it makes a HUGE difference.
Going out of your way to specifically collect gear with a certain stat (just one stat - haste, mind you) is evidence there is something wrong with the class or it's mechanics. It just doesn't make a lot of sense. Besides haste is worthless for melee in PvP but without haste, the Ret pally is almost unplayable. Talk about being in a bad spot.
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I hate ret. Healing is LOL!
Now even shamans are coming to the pally forums to complain?

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Relies way toooooo much on the RNG gods to be on your side.
It can be fairly annoying if you're trying to top the damage meters on trash, but over the course of a boss fight it evens out. Though it is a bit much on the RNG side of things in terms of what you cast next, It's not as bad as all you r-tards are saying.

[quote="14063105049"]I can sit there, Crusader Strike, Judgement....... wait...... wait...... crusader Strike..... wait.... Judgement.... wait.... Crusader Strike... WOOHOO 3 Holy Power. Oh @%*%... the healer ain't able to heal me... Word of Glory and in this time no Exorcism or TV procs. While Mr. Warlock is blowing stuff up left, right and centre.[/quote]

Get more haste... Learn to use your other spells. If you have ZERO haste and get NO procs you can cast J, CS, HW, Cons, CS, Exo, J, CS, TV. Without having to wait. But since you probably will get procs, and you do have haste (hopefully a good amount) you can go a long time without having to wait for a spell, and you'll never need to cast Exo without the proc. They probably should just make CS baseline 3 seconds, but it's really not that bad if you have haste. And learn to Hammer of Wrath when they get to 20% HP.

[quote="14063105049"]Nearly every mob I have come across has some sort of AoE damage at melee range. So you gotta run out and run back in.[/quote]

I levelled from 80-85 as ret. I don't remember a lot of mobs with AoE. And if they had AoE they were dead long before it made any difference. Again, get haste.

[quote="14063105049"]Good luck as ret! If you tell me you can do it as ret... you're a liar![/quote]

I only ever died twice while levelling as ret. Even when I pulled a bunch of mobs on me. I died in Hyjal when I accidentally flew threw a bunch of elite dragons and they knocked me off my mount and killed me. And I died once to a bug in Vashj -- I drowned on the submarine.

EDIT: Not sure why the other quotes aren't working.

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