Wow managed to heal a cat dungeon!

Well ran my first one or two at 85 and was oom on just trash pulls. Came here and complained a bit and then read a bit.

Reforged into as much spirit and crit as I could get.

Went and enchanted all my gear towards as much spirit as possible.

Qued up for a random cat and advised the group I was experimenting and could they all stay in between me and the mobs(hunters included).

Beaconed the tank and healed him as needed and when I got too three holy power I tossed out a light of dawn. As long as peeps stayed in front of me(I had to position myself a lot during battles), this worked great. Hardly ever ran outta mana.

We did Hall of Origination and managed to down all the bosses except one. That due to none of us having done that before and respawns started. It was a little tough on the heals though as the group had to keep moving around.

I will say if you have to spot heal someone the direct heals still suck bigtime. If tank got too far down on health even my biggest heal just wasn't cutting it. I'm assuming/hoping more crit will take care of that.

Anyone else have any luck using other methods? If so post it please.

Our guild ran one later on last night and We did great, my main is a hunter and getting them used to staying a little closer to mobs was hard but once they got that down it went smoothly.
Critting Holy Shock and Word of Glory are the anti-oom. I pretty much constantly cast Holy Shock just to keep up HP, then WoG before HL or FoL. FoL crits save lives, though.
i have no problems with healing have done every normal dungeon at 84, my general strategy is to beacon the tank and use holy shock / holy light to build 3 hp then last word / light of dawn, use holy shocks on other members and holy light on tank its all about the holy power. only time ive ever gotten close to oom is tossing out mulitple divine lights
I've healed every heroic as holy. It's pretty easy as holy; you just have to keep your mana under control. I essentially have holy radiance macroed to AW and then use light of dawn as my primary heal.

Spam HL on the beacon target at all times; even when no healing is needed just to generate HP. You live and die by HP.
Can anyone give advise on how you are using Holy Radiance? I'm probably not using it as much as I could be. Just using it for grp heals etc?

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