QQ and Inquisition Question

K first the QQ....

Ok, first i would like to say that I enjoyed the complete revamp of the spec. I dont see why people are complaining about this... watching for HP, cooldowns, etc. I see people are complaining about how the placement for the cool down, HP, etc, are all over the place. But there are addons for this (and dont use the excuse "my computer cant run addons" cause if it can't, go buy a new one for 500 bucks, will make a lot of difference or "I shouldn't need addons to play my game properly" well guess what addons are there to make things easier for you).

So yah Up until 4.0.3a, I really enjoyed playing the new ret. Then out of the blue my dps went from doing 8~9k to suddenly 5~6k 7 if im lucky! Now the QQ is what brought about this change?
Why make Divine storm share a cd with crusader strike, yet still only has 40% chance for hp? Why change how Divine storm worked at all? You could have just simply lowered the damage per HP than this. and what the hell happened to seal of truth?! If it was too powerful for tanks, why not just give us our own seal again, maybe bring back seal of blood whcih will make that talent that if you use word of glory you get an attack bonus viable? (im not sure if it gives attack bonus when used on self, but they could just rework it to do so)

Ok now for rotation inquisition....

When do you guys use Inquisition? Personally I only put it up when Hand of Light Procs and take priority of TV durng Hand of Light proc. Is this a god idea? should I always have it up during boss fights regardless if hand of light proc or not? basically using 3 HP for Inquisition instead of TV...

And Bonus question: concercrate, yeigh or neigh? cause because of the 30s CD i usually forget about it now most of the time.. unless im tanking...

Also....., IT'S A TRAP!
Consecrate costs 12k mana right now for me and I have 24k...Kind of a waste IMO!
yah but due to the 30 second cd I always seem to forget to bring it up! x.x

FOurtunately I decided to take up tanking 2 nights before Cata came out. good thing I did cause its way more fun than seeing me do 3~5k dps in instances....
inquisition is pretty easy to keep up, you can use a mastery proc to refresh it, and nothing says you have to use a 3-hp inquisition to keep it up either. think about it for a bit and it's easy to work it into your attacks.

don't use it except on fights where it will last long enough - boss fights are the only place i've found it worth using, heavy AoE doesn't much happen any more. >.>

i suppose if you've got no mana conservation issues, which can be accomplished with glyphs fairly easily, consecration is worth using. however, with the way our combat system works, if you're not able to use any other attack besides consecrate at any given time, you have really bad luck. i suppose it's worth using on AoE after you pop even a 10-second inquisition to help out, also.

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