Actual Suggestions for fixing Ret

Sick of the ret nerfs.
Sick of the RNG dependency.

I don't mind holy power, I actually kind of like it, that's not what I'm aiming at. I'm trying to figure out ways to increase the playability and remove all the focus on the RNG system for ret.

1. Change our mastery.
Ret mastery is in a sad, sad, place compared to the other classes. It is basically useless, since it is dependent on RNG, the only spec's mastery I could say is even remotely close to being as terrible is ours would be Boomkins, but yet again it is no where near as awful.
I propose that we change the ret mastery to something far more useful. How about for every point it causes Templar's Verdict to leave a lasting DOT for X% of the damage caused. The percentage would increase as you gain more mastery. I'm not going to put in the scaling, because I would never be able to get it right.

2. Change a few of our abilities
To compensate for the lack of the random TV's from our mastery, I propose that Judgement should always create a point of Holy Power. Another problem with the Ret rotation is having to keep Inquisition up all the time. The talent Divine Purpose should be altered so that Judgement, Crusader Strike, Divine Storm, Exorcism, Holy Wrath, Templars Verdict, and Hammer of Judgement should have a 20-40% chance to refresh or add to the duration of an already active Inquisition.

Comments are appreciated.
I think anything is better then what Paladin have currently.
It's been suggested several times to move Inquisition to the Mastery. This would take care of Inquisition being completely tedious to use and removing a mastery that clashes with our 31 pt talent.

The only RNG I like in the spec is AoW because Exo procs are fun and an extra treat. It should never become the backbone of a spec or supposed to be used to fill in the holes of the rotation.

It's like the devs have complete memory loss. They throw out RNG abilities from one class because it sucks and is unfun and then bring us "new and exciting" RNG for the next class in the next patch.
shameless bump.
I personally don't like stacking haste... we're swinging a big weapon, I liked gearing for big crits and lots of em, personally.

I would like to see Zealotry change to something more like any ability gives 3 HP, instead of just CS. I find once i pop zealotry that i sometimes miss out on an AoW proc, or get a mastery proc which interrupts the CS->TV->CS->TV sequence and therefore that proc doesnt equate to more dps. If any ability popped 3 HP, we could see more varied sequences while zealotry is popped. And if an AoW or TV procs, they will no longer interrupt it and increase dps as they are supposed to. Simple version: (strongest avail. ability) -> TV -> (strongest avail. ability) ->TV.....

And as most, I'm not a fan of our mastery making our rotation more jumpy than it already is. I'd prefer, as previously mentioned, Inquisition be moved to mastery.

Or something as simple as "%chance(+/- w. mastery) on melee swing to increase STR by "blah" stacking XX times for YY seconds(timer refreshes w. each mastery proc)"

I feel our spec needs work, but I'm standing by Blizz to sort things out once we get lots of 85's and people start raiding and actually gearing. With people in hodgepodge gear sets, its only natural there will be a lot of fluctuation in dps numbers.
Here's something constructive.
revert art of war to any crit, instant free holy light or instant free exorcism.

make templar's verdict apply the old crusader's strike debuff (more holy damage taken),

and change the mastery to this: Increases holy damage dealt by 5% per holy power. each point of mastery adds an additional .5%

*** we don't like hitting only crusader's strike then whatever just lit up, repeated the whole fight***
Cancel your account and list paladin nerfs as the reason, anything else is just piss in a bucket and the hope that it turns into gatorade.

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