Libram of Saints Departed - gems gone at log

Does anyone else experience this? I haven't played since around 2.3, and my Libram of Saints Departed now has a socket in it. Socketing a gem works, but upon logging out and logging in the gem disappears.

This issue doesn't seem to be reported anywhere. Is this a known bug? Or is my Libram broken?

Thanks for your feedback.
Mine still has its gem.
There's an issue with gems not loading when you first get in. Is it still gone after 5m+ in game? If so then contact a GM (have fun waiting 6 days for a response) because it's probably a bug.
Thank you for the replies. I opened a ticket; gems are permanently gone.
GM on my realm, Assagreta, replaced my Libram and now it is functioning properly. GM also gave me a replacement gem for one of the two lost during this episode. Fairly quick turnaround; thanks Assagreta.

And thanks for the feedback so I knew it was a localized issue and not a systemic one.

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