Leveling as prot Feasable?

So after I played 50 levels of Mage, Cata hit. I created a Prot paladin and wow... just wow. So much fun! Create a PvP spec and that's fine for solo play... and for tanking low dungeons. Once you get to the 30 level, you can dual spec prot pvp and prot pve and really enjoy the spec to the fullest. It's been great for a new player like me.
Leveled as prot the whole way. Ran random dungeons here and there for the quest rewards, and then did quests here and there.

Hit level 80 with 5 days 17 hours played while also leveling up 2 professions to 425+.

If you like tanking, its fine. Its a little hairy with multiple mob fights until you get Hammer of the Righteous, but its a breeze after you get that.
I too have always leveled as Prot adn am starting to do the same in MH, however I do notice that the days of pulling 8-10 mobs is over and now it seemd like 5-6 is the max...at least for me on my new to the zone still in all wrath gear dont remember how to play because i was gone for monthes pally.....
So i think that both Ret and Prot will probably quest at about the same speed, with Ret you kill things quicker but with Prot you can handle more mobs so it probably evens out pretty well.
I think this toon has 4-5 hours played time as ret. i leveled prot through the cata zones . you kill stuff slower but you can still get quests done really fast.

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