Leveling help--Prot vs. Ret

I was leveling as ret for a long time and finally ran into some group elites I couldnt handle. Switched into my offspec (prot) and not only annihilated them, but found I was killing EVERYTHING faster. Between the muich higher damage of avengers shield and the much stronger finisher of righteous shield, there seems to be no comparison for both single and multi target.

As ret, I would open with CC, judgment (seal of truth usually), then manage CC/instant exorcisms until 3 HPs built up and execute. While this didnt take long, it seemed very slow, especially if there was a miss with my slow 2h weapon. It also seemed to fail miserably on multitarget pulls and strong elites.

Does anyone have experienced leveling as both? Am I doing ret wrong?

Side topic--Do prot pallies want SP on their weapons over strength?
As far as I can tell, Prot in Ret gear does about the same damage over time as Ret in Ret gear. Prot is somehow more dynamic and interesting, AND less reliant on pushing buttons at the right time.

I basically switch back and forth between both just because I want to get used to the mechanics of both. That's what I'd recommend - the biggest difference between them is not DPS, but simply the feel of each. I have more fun switching often, so why not?

But yeah, I'd go crazy if I were forced to stay Ret for some reason. There are some mods that help, but you have to look all over the place for your inquisition timer, procs, holy power level, and health to know when to heal. It's a bit tiring on the eyes.

Prot you don't have to worry about any of that. You just go at it with Seal of Insight and you don't really ever have to heal except on group quests.

TL;DR - If you want a fast spec that takes less brain power (I do this when questing so I can watch TV the whole time) go prot in dps gear. Ret takes attention or you run out of hps before you realize it :)
Simple answer:

Prot solo is way more efficient than ret solo. You can take out a group of higher level mobs in the same time it takes you to kill one same level mob as ret. Its simply overpowered.

And for the most part, str > sp for weapons because str now adds SP, in addition to what it regularly does for other stats.
what gear do you use leveling prot? sword,board, and tank gear?
I use full tank gear. (i don't have ret as an off spec, I'm holy).
By board.. do you mean shield? Yes I use a shield.
Leveling as Ret is boring a hell, Prot is 10x more fun, you can solo elite quests, and take on groups of mobs. You can complete kill x amount of whatever quests in minutes.
12/09/2010 11:23 PMPosted by Rofldorf
Leveling as Ret is boring a hell, Prot is 10x more fun, you can solo elite quests, and take on groups of mobs. You can complete kill x amount of whatever quests in minutes.

Idk. I find Ret to be just as fun as prot. I am new to prot. Just spec'd it last night to try it out. Chose all the talents I thought would give me the best damage mitigation and DPS. Though, since I'm new to prot I could have chosen wrong. But I don't find prot any more "fun" than ret. Single target I burn things down quicker as Ret, and with Seal of Insight up I don't usually take much damage. As prot I do take noticeably less on some mobs though, but I don't kill them any faster. I haven't tried a lot of large AoE pulls yet though. My opinion could change later, but I have a feeling I'll be sticking Ret for all content except the group quests which may be easier as Prot.

So far I've done all Hyjal, all of Vash (that I know of, some quests were bugged), and I'm working on Deepholm as Ret.
I leveled prot with dps gear and had no issues. Just be sure to save a few pieces of the good tanking stuff for when your ready to start 85 dungeons.

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