I Luv my Retribution Paladin THANK U Blizz!!!

12/10/2010 12:56 AMPosted by Carmie
12/09/2010 5:37 PMPosted by Shanndorn
Granted I am "only" lvl 52, but I had to start a thread after hearing so much scorn in the forums about them.

I think it is mostly a case of me wanting to share my opinion based on almost no experience with the spec, and with no clue of how it plays in end game.

Fixed that for ya.


Now we are getting somewhere :)

At least now if Blizz happens to see any of this it will not be just a biased higher lvl opinion with no mention of the lvls below that. I just thought it was in everyones best interests that Blizz hears from everyone, from all lvls how a class is fairing, then they will have as much good info and feedback as possible, which will help them make informed decisions when they pull out the ol' nerfball bat and swing at our class again.
If all they are hearing about is one area of what may be a legitimate concern and nothing else, the solution to "fix it", will be a flawed one, and will end up screwing up what was good about the class at lower lvls.

We all want a better game play experience.
man if I were you I'd turn off xp and stay at your level cuz it certainly gets a lot worse fast :)
You realize that at your level, holy and prot outdps you, right?

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