Hey there,
I'm thinking of transferring to Darkspear, and I guess i have a few questions,

1: Horde to Ally Ratio?
2: Population/Queue during peak times if any
3: guild progression (top guilds)
4: PVP within the battlegroup and arena

I am thinking of race/faction changing as well, but dependant on what the people of Darkspear come back with well see

Thanks for the replies!
1. Talls outnumber smalls by about 3:1 but the smalls are hanging in there.
2. No queue because we won a raffle and we don't ever have to have one.
3. <MM> is the best for guild progresion.
4. <MM> also dominates all PVP aspects as well.

I suggest if you come you race change to goblin.

Fuher of the MM
Ruler of Darkspear
4:1 rough ratio. Very ridiculous at release of Cata.
Horde is typically always on except during morning work hours, though late night is mostly for certain guilds. Alliance side is active right after school till bed time.
Vox is typically seen as top guild on server (alliance). Church/Nompton/Loki/Ruin/etc are all capable alliance runner ups. Didn't pay attention to horde guilds.
This server is known for its pvp, if not for its drama. Plenty of bgs/arena/pvp based guilds, world pvp is always a blast.
The guy above me seems to know nothing.

Fuher of the MM
Ruler of Darkspear
Dont do it for the sake of humanity. 4 server crashes today without any blue posts answering it, leave while you can
lmao nobody pays attention
Abandon ship!

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