I just switched spec to prot and I want to know what rotation I should go while questing and in dungeons.
It's like people don't read the forums....
Questing is face roll..

If your low on health, use holy power to heal yourself.. if your full, use it for dps.

No set rotation in Heroics for me.. Being Undergeared and one of the first heroic tanks is a grueling task. You need crazy amounts of hit rating as you level, so keep an eye on that and reforge accordingly.. reforge out of haste, and crit, and make sure your hit capped (and expertise).

As far as rotation.. ... dont break the CC so, I've been pulling with a single target ability.. then using shield as the mobs are away from the cc.

Heroics are not a faceroll anymore, so you just have to really read your abilities and use your own judgement.

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