Should Inqusition be part of a Tankadin's rotation?And if so where?
I believe the math showed that it shouldn't be used for single targets. But for aoeing it's quite nice.
Typically, its good for AoE tanking. That aside, even if sticking with Shield of the Righteous is better in single-target...I've got to admit...seeing the big number fly up when the stars align is great. I mean Inquisition + Avenging Wrath + Sacred Duty + a good deal of Vengeance + Shield of the Righteous.
Inquisition should last a little longer. This way it would be perfect for AoE and single target.

Ok... I'll stop dreaming...
I never use Inq for single target and actually ShoR only gets marginal use....WoG + SoI = win.

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