Thoughts on Holy now that cata is here.

Ok so now that everyone has started to level up and are enjoying the new content, what are peoples thoughts? Things that you like and things that you hate, little tricks to make life easier or that you'd like to share.

Personally I like the increased difficulty in heroics though that will most likely dissapear after people get the hang of them and improve their gear. Also Holy has become more interesting with huge casting costs and long casting times for every spell judgement calls have to be made, but again this will probably dissapear as the gear gets better.

Also found that if you can get all 4 others in your group/raid its actually better than WoG for MT healing atm and that PotI transfers to the beacon so I like to cast 1HP WoG on the tank when the damage is low and constant for mana conservation.

So these are my observations from 85 heroics and prior dungeons, what are yours and are there any from progressive raiding that you can tell the Holy Paladin community.
i havnt played a paladin since 3.0, but must say i love the changes. Also, Holy radiance is amazin

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