how is this server

well how is it? im thinking about transfering here soon.
12/10/2010 1:51 AMPosted by Emmersblade
im giving this the benefit of the doubt

either you can't read the thousands of threads here complaining about the queues or you're simply a braindead imbecile.

surely nobody is THAT stupid
idc about the queues
just wondering if both sides are very active or if this is just a 1 sided server
You will care about q's when you have to wait up to 4 hours to play.

And there's some dirty business going on in the AH
12/10/2010 1:20 AMPosted by Smallfries
well how is it? I'm thinking about transfering here soon.

Do not come here. Starting at 2pm PST - 9pm PST, there are nothing but queue's to login that take anywhere between 10 mins to 4 hours.

I don't care if you don't care.

We care.

Do not come here.

You have been warned.

I will eat you if you do.
Sigh, another 5 minutes added to the queue....

I would like to listen to you nao.

thank you.
IT'S LOCKED. You can sit outside and admire how amazing our server is all you want, but it's

L O C K E D.
We are agitated at wait times. Very agitated.
Position in Queue: 3247

I will drop kick you.
this realm is balanced both sides are even pretty much and pvp is good here experienced players but its only good if ur on a 6 hour time difference :p
i have a good internet connection so i don't need to worry about dc's never get them u should get a better connection if u have problems
No. Don't come here.
I'll welcome you with open arms.
Dubstep, you save me from the 3 hour queues. Thank you BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix.
Server's full go to Tichondrius

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