ret rotation?

I just got back into this game after being gone for 2 years.
I tried out a BG, but it felt sooo different that during the end days of BC.
What should my rotation be, and what are some tips I should know now-a-days for BG's?
There is no rotation anymore, its a priority system.
sorry, I do not know what that means. Is it basically what has cooled down, then spam everything?
No it means that because of the addition of the Holy Power system we have abilities not always available. Plus, with %-on-hit procs we have other abilities that are available at random.

I mostly play prot, but i belive the ret priority list is

Hammer of Wrath
3 Holy Power Templar's Verdict
Exorcism with Art of War proc
Crusader strike
wrist mounted pyro rocket (engineering, if you have it)
holy wrath

so, in a perfect world you would never have to use holy wrath or consecrate, because they are so low on the priority list. when you pop wings, you will use HOW whenever its off CD, or without wings when your targets health allows. because you wont always have 3 HP or AOW proc, CS is your GO-TO ability when your big hitters are not available. when CS is on CD you judge.

now, that being said. you will likely be opening with Judge because of the long arm of the law talent. but once in melee range the priority list is your 'rotation'.
Only change: Exo should be above TV.

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