Drastic reduction in Crit% guys.

From yesterday to today something happened with stats, crit%, Expertise, and Hit all got their ratios changed....I was at something like 26% now it's 12% crit%. Hit rating used to be seen in my stats as missing level 85's in the 1.00% range, now everything is on the 5, 6, 7 % range. What happened? Does blizzard have a new mechanic for this? I asked in general chat today and some people seemed surprised but not many responded.....am i missing something here? Seems like a HUGE change, what's more is that this only seems to be affecting ret paladins and no other melee based damage class.

Are they going to make up for this loss in talents or gear soon? I might of missed a new mechanic to even this out....other wise as it stands, ret Paladins just got slapped with the nerf hammer big time, and i'm talking worse than the first talents overhauls.
Did you level up? That's the only thing I can think of that you make your % stats plummet, it's also working as intended.
What Voal said. Each level you go up, the more rating you need to make up a full %. By the time you hit 85, you need exponentially more rating to achieve the same level.
Thanks for the replies, this clarifies everything. I was just wondering if that was a mistake or not. Ok it makes since that I have to get increasingly better gear to make up the difference other wise you could just stack it onto your current stats. Got it. Thanks again.

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