Just some thoughts....(a rant)

I see some interesting ideas out there about the queue's and possible solutions....a lot of it has to do with upgrading servers, etc. etc.

I'm a techie. I write software for a living...medical systems integration. Getting the right information to the right person at the right time is pretty complex, especially in clinical systems where screwing it up could kill someone. But its no where as complex as an MMO like WoW.

What I'm saying here is that I have some insights into how complicated this can be.

First off, the whole "upgrade the servers" suggestion. There are times when a user trying to help me fix a problem will make a perfectly logical, sane suggestion....then immediately wonder why I'm looking at them like I'd truly love to slap them.

"You must think I'm fracking stupid!" Is what I think (and what I think the blues must be thinking).

If its perfectly clear to you that it would be a good idea...don't you think it's occurred to the Blizzard techs as well? We didn't go to school, spend years perfecting our craft by sitting around gazing at our navels waiting for some layperson to come by and tell us how to do our jobs. If that were the case, World of Warcraft would be a screen that was blank except for the phrase "Hello World!". Except no one would see it because the guys in charge of inventing the internet would be sitting around with a bunch of wires waiting for the guy who brings the coffee to tell them what to do.

If it were a simple matter of increasing server capacity, then it would be a quick fix...a bit of down time and viola.....and a hell of lot easier than offering 100's of players free server transfers.

Now let me move on to the general customer service issues..."Blizz doesn't care!", "Blizz just wants our money!".... /cry /cry /cry

You think Blizzard doesn't care? That they are not bending over backwards trying to find solutions to things.

How many times have they tweaked things, changed things trying to find that perfect balance? I know how much money it costs to write code, and believe me, to pay designers and developers to get together to design, plan, test and implement these changes isn't cheap!

There are things that are out of their control....like faction ratios....how do you control that without pissing off a lot of people? Do you wake up one day and decide that you're going to take half the horde and force them to faction change?

Do you say, "This server is closed to new horde accounts", thereby making it impossible for friends to come over and play with their friends who are already here?

Think about what you're asking before you come here and cry.

Oh, and for all those "I'm gunna cancel my account if u dunt fix this!"

Go already....there are literally 100's of MMO's out there that would love to take your hard earned money.

Thanks for listening.
Lawnmower approves.

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