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Hello all. I've had some problems with what Blizzard has done with paladin healing, but at the same time some of the new changes are really cool. One thing I don't understand is that blizzard wanted to give paladins some aoe heal utility, but after seeing holy radiance gimp everyone else they slammed it with a super nerf hammer. While I think it needed some nerfing, it almost seems too gimp now. LoD and HR are both very situational spells now. I need to be right on top of people or I just can't aoe heal. HR is a temporary buff that goes on the paladin, so it can be controlled in pvp. The amount it heals is awesome, but the limiting yard range is not. The limit of 6 people being healed by it is fair, but you also made that only useable when we are basically right on top of the group, which is something you can't always be doing due to fight mechanics. I can see the pvp repercussions of this spell, but as I said it's a buff on the paladin so it can be stolen, dispelled, and so on. I would just like to see it made more like wild growth (limited number of people it can heal) , but that it radiates from us and has a large yard range. I'm tired of lacking in raid healing capability, and on some fights it's just not possible because I won't be near everyone. Right now LoD is basically doing the same thing except I have to aim it people, and sometimes it misses so bad that I ask myself "am I suppose to be gemming hit? jesus" Idk if that's a bug or not with it, but that's my beef. As for GoAK, it would be cool to reduce it to a 3 min CD. We also have no mana returns, which if divine plea was made to not reduce the healing done via holy talents than that would be fair compared to the many other mana returning CDs other classes have. I'm sure people will flame this post, but that's to be expected. I just wanted to speak my mind.
-Holy radiance underpowered and needs fixing

-Suitup has an awesome name but can't aim LoD

-GoAK needs reduced CD time

-Divine plea doesn't give enough mana
I support this, while giving everything in there is impossble, Holy Radiance feels underwhelming when you are single healing and your group takes normal damage.

The mana cost is very high and the effectiveness varies greatly but the number one issue is that we cannot AOE heal reliably. We can only do it whenever we can generate combo points very fast ie. chain luck of holy shock or when we happen to have all cds up at the same time.

Another issue I have is with guardian of the ancient kings. This 5 minute cooldown just plain SUCKS. If it were on a 1-2 minute cooldown it could fix a lot of the aoe healing problem of the paladin.
I'm loving it, actually. Radiance is enough to keep my group's health up on its own during heavy group AOE, and I just spot heal them back to full. Yes, its expensive, but its not supposed to be cast on cooldown!
Edit: Also, the speed boost we get from talents during Radiance is perfect for positioning ourselves to give it the best effect. If you're out of range, hit it and in you go, heal everyone up, and boogie on out of there. If you're getting dispelled in PVP use your bubble.

I think we're getting plenty of mana back and theres enough spirit on gear to make everything work fine.

LoD is a little tough to aim and sometimes I am unsure of its range and miss half the group, but that is something that comes with time and experience, and it really has nothing wrong with it besides having a bit of a learning curve.
I am not sure what to say to you but since you have not experienced any heroic dungeons ill take it with a grain of salt.
You're saying we're incapable of healing heroics? That would be a major failure for Blizzard.

If you think Heroics are supposed to be easy without epic gear you've clearly not seen enough expansions. Heroics are just that, heroic. Normal instances should be smooth. Once you're in heroics you bust your ass every pull until you way overgear it. :D

In other words it sounds like the healing output of our spells is just about right if you're struggling with it. If you're failing to complete heroics 3/4 runs, that might mean there is an issue (I am assuming your a very competent player of course, mate).

Good luck.
Given the recent nature of the expansion, I'm surprised ANYBODY is geared to run heroics. This is not like WotLK, where everyone hits 80 and can immediately be carried through as long as someone in the group is geared.
Some of it is also just changing the group mentality. People are used to spreading out all the time; but in order for any healer (excepting discipline priests I suppose) to AoE heal with any efficiency people need to be clumped. It's taken some time for even my guildies to get used to clumping up by me, but that has made all my AoE heals noticeably more efficient. I still have to occasionally remind them to stand in the jesus beams, but less so now. And when you can get a lot of targets, LoD and Holy Radiance are freaking amazing spells. Especially when you consider how much mana equivalent spells for other classes cost.

As for chaotic situations, well, do the best you can.

Aiming LoD properly is the mark of a good holy paladin. A guild holy paladin of mine figured out that healing everyone else with LoD, with beacon on me, is a TON of heals on the tank (me). So you can let the tank dip, then heal everyone else with an LoD and the tank gets massive heals.
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