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I'm sick of seeing that. Okay I have a Landro's Gift card that came with my CE Cataclysm box. I went to the website and put in the number on the card and got another number and the instrucions are as follows...
To redeem your item in-game, seek out Landro Longshot by the docks of Booty Bay in Stranglethorn Vale. When you find Landro, he'll ask you which item your code is for; check your loot card if you're not sure which item that is. Select the item from Landro's list of available promotions, and then enter the in-game code you wrote down.

The card doesn't say what it's for and anything I try gives the error "couldn't validate code, please try again..."

Edit: I got it, found the gift box.
You need to make sure you select Wrathgate to enter the code.
Thank you.

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