Mastery = New Armor Pen?

As it is right now our mastery is not an attractive stat, it has slight benefits just as armor pen did but in the end it is not worth as much per point as strength/crit/haste. I do not understand why you would get rid of one stat only to make an equally useless one.

Personally I think that all class masteries should have a passive and an active ability. I don't agree with how some classes get just a straight % increase to damage making their mastery attractive while all the other stats are still very helpful. I think that everyone should think of mastery as something they would like, instead of cursing when you see your new piece of gear is loaded with it.


I'm guessing that you're implying mastery is bad, because ARP was awful.
12/11/2010 2:49 PMPosted by Farranor
Case in point: Needle-Encrusted Scorpion. Pure physical classes could benefit from it more than a ret could (unless the proc was putting them over the cap, which it easily could for anyone in decent gear), but it was pretty much the second-best pre-raiding ret trinket after DMC:G.

Very good point that will now derail this thread. Incoming NES posts!

One of the things i find interesting about mastery is that its amazing for prot, and horrible for ret. In my mind this means a lot of paladins are not going to dismiss mastery gear outright.

They will probably go "This is horrible for my ret set, but it might work as part of my prot set."

At the very least we dont have to worry too much about fights between ret and prot paladins over weapons with hit and mastery on them.
If you read through the big stats post on the website Ghostcrawler acknowledges that Unholy and Ret's Mastery need changes.

In the meantime reforge all of it for Haste in PvE or either Haste or Crit for PvP and you'll be better off.

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