2h sword

anyone know where a lvl 35-ish ret pally can get a decent 2h sword pretty cheep? i kinda need to update my gear a little and i dont wanna spend a crazy amount in the ah. so if i could get pretty easily from an instance that would be kinda nice. im horde btw.
Corpsemaker's a 2H Axe that's reasonable at this level range. Still using it on this Warrior.
The Mallet of Zul'Farrak used to be equip-able at 35 and was closer to a level 40-50 item. It was a 1-hander that hit as hard as most 2-handers. I'm not sure if it got nerfed with 4.0 though.

You might want to consider getting that if you can get someone higher level to run through the quests.

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