solid rotation

i will be honest my rotation is crap, and i am looking and experimenting for a new one. i have actually cleared my talent points for the 8th time and stopped playign my pally for now.

looking to see if the community cna assist me. whats your rotation and why do you use it.

thanks for your help.
There's no rotation for a class that depends on proc's for 75% of its damage.
Are you asking for help with Protection or Retribution? I'm assuming Retribution as that's the one people are having trouble with. Just in case, Protection is very simple:


3 = Crusader/Hammer
x = Judgement/Avenging/Wrath/Consecration
$ = Shield/Inquisition

You can consider it a "rotation" or a "priority" they work out to the same pattern. Assuming single target (change CS to HotR for multi):

CS > J > CS > AS > CS > SotR
CS > J > CS > HW* > CS > SotR
*: Unless Grand Crusader refreshed AS.
Apply Consecration to taste, watch your mana.

Okay on to Retribution, which is a purely priority based system now:
Inq/TV > HoW > CS > Exo > J > HW

Anytime you have 3 HP (or HoL), refresh Inquistion if it has less than 6 seconds left, otherwise use Verdict. Only use Exo with AoW procs, and otherwise it's straight priority. If you want to be fancy, always use CS before a HoL-powerd Verdict*. It looks complicated but all you really do is this:

Use CS > J > HW.
If you hit 3 HP or HoL procs, push Verdict (or refresh Inq).
If AoW procs, use Exorcism (if you use it before CS it's not a huge issue).

*: The reason is that CS > HoL and HoL > CS both take 2 GCDs and do the same damage. But if you CS first, it has been cooling down for 3s instead of 1.5s.
Thankyou Lorkeon, that's just the information I've been looking for. I find it hard to get decent dps on trash mobs however due to procs usually aligning when mobs are dead lol.
That's quite true. Don't worry about Inquisition while questing--that's my advice; unless you're just burning off spare HP. But most of the time you'll use leftovers for WoGs, or to get to your next TV faster when chain pulling.
There's a multiple-target rotation and a single-target rotation.

Single target rotation.
If Divine Plea is off CD, lead out with DP - Judge - SotR. Otherwise just lead out with Judge.
Then slide into a fairly simple rotation CS - AS - CS - Judge - CS - SotR - CS - HW - CS - Judge - CS - SotR.
The above isn't going to change above lvl 80, since Inquisition doesn't do enough vs a single target to justify the loss of SotR's damage.
One alternative, though, particularly if you have Guarded by the Light 2/2 and aren't having any problems with threat anyway, is to swap SotR with WoG for the extra shield.

Lvl 80 multi-target rotation.
Lead out with Avenging Wrath (if off CD) - AS - Cons.
Then slide into a fairly simple rotation HotR - HW - HotR - Judge - HotR - WoG - HotR - AS - HotR - Judge - HotR - WoG.
If you're having problems with threat, you might replace WoG with SotR (particularly if you don't have Guarded by the Light 2/2), but I doubt it'll help a whole lot when you're trying to control a group of mobs. Personally, I'd just stick with WoG. Healing's such a pain in the ass these days, that anything you can do to help out is usually appreciated.

Lvl 81+ multi-target rotation.
Lead out with Divine Plea and Inq (if DP is off CD) - Avenging Wrath (if off CD) - AS - Cons.
Then slide into a fairly simple rotation HotR - HW - HotR - Judge - HotR - Inq - HotR - AS - HotR - Judge - HotR - Inq.
Against 3 or more targets, Inquisition should generate more threat than SotR. If you find that you're generating more threat than you need, then you can return to the lvl 80 multi-target rotation.

Some quick notes:
+ The above rotations are not exactly jam-packed. HW is used as a bit of a filler in the single-target rotation, because really there's nothing else that's going to be off CD at that stage, and something's better than nothing. Also, you'll find that there will be a slight pause (around half a second on average) between the GCD ending and the availability of the next ability. This is due to CS's and HotR's 3 second CD. Don't stress. It's okay. Don't try to be creative. Generating holy power with CS and HotR is where it's at.
+ Consecration has no place in a tanking rotation. The CD is simply too long, and you really need to Judge every sixth spot in the rotation in order to have any hope of not going OOM. I prefer AS and HW to Cons for the remaining spots, since tanking is all about generating threat now rather than over time. Nevertheless, it doesn't hurt to lead out with it, particularly if you're pulling the mobs to you rather than charging them.
+ If you wanted some added excitement, you could do a bit of min/maxing with Sacred Duty on the single-target rotation. If SD procs, stick to the existing rotation. If SD doesn't proc, swap in WoG for SotR on the fly.
+ These rotations can be macroed. If you do so, though, you need to be very careful. Do not, under any circumstances, improvise. If you use a rotation macro, you must stick to the macro, or you run the risk of the CDs getting out of synch and suddenly finding yourself waiting 10 or so seconds for AS or HW to come off CD. What this means is that if SotR misses, you basically have to continue on regardless. Frankly, I think macroing the rotation can be problematic.
+ Don't use Hand of Wrath. By the time it becomes available, you should already be considering swapping to your next target.

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