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Can anyone tell me where I should be going for apprentice riding training with a worgen?
Probably where ever Night Elves train
A friend of mine just went looking the other evening, but didn't find any trainers in or near Darnassus. Since worgen don't actually get mounts, I'm not sure how it's handled, but it's more like a druid's travel form now from what I understand.

I don't remember what she said when she actually found it, but check your spellbook to see if something was added automatically.
In your spell book you have th apprentice riding, but nothing else. I have been to a number of trainers but none have apprentice riding only jouernyman. In the forums I have read worgens get "running wild" spell for a mount, but I cannot find this either.
Once you hit level 20 look in your spell book on the general tab and use "running wild".

No trainer needed.
How do you train a worgen DK for flight master's license? Have paid for the license and bought the bird but can not fly. level 60 DK worgen
All levels of riding training are in Darnassus for Worgen. However for your flight master's license (which allows you to fly in Azeroth) all alliance races go to Bralla Cloudwing; she's the swarf chick standing beside the Stormwind FP. You can get your flight master's certificate for 250g (less with SW rep), and it's available as soon as you hit 60 and can learn the flying mounts.
I recently took all of this advice...the "running wild" works great...and yes...there is a riding trainer in Darnassus, however you need to be exalted to purchase a mount...and one know where you can buy at lev 20...such as you would if your starting area was elwynn..and you would simply buy your mount at eastvale logging camp..etc..
You cannot get mounts made for other races unless you are exalted with that race. To get exalted quickly, you can equip that race's tabard (sold near the flight master in their city) and do dungeons appropriate to your level. There are other mounts that are not race-specific that you can obtain, but they are all either difficult to get or expensive.

You'll be stuck with just Running Wild for a while, sorry.

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