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Boilerplate warning: You may or may not agree with me. This is fine. Remember that this is a place for discussion, not insulting.

I have been playing ret since the day this game came out. As I was in a heroic last night, I realized just how awful ret was. I felt it was a "job" without rewards... While watching a warlock push 2 or 3 buttons and able to out-dps me in worse gear, I realized something has got to give. I cant spend my entire playtime staring at cooldowns, watching holypower, hoping mastery procs so I can do competitive dps, and giving myself carpel tunnel.

With that said, here are my ideas.

Remove Inquisition. Change our mastery to "Increased Holy Damage."

Lesson Templar's Verdict damage and make it Holy Damage.

Give said TV, a 5 or 10 percent change to hit twice in a row to make up for the old mastery mechanics.

Guardian of Ancient Kings should be changed to something like "Avatar" and make it so we change into the Angel itself. Keep the ability the same but with the one said change.

I would almost say just get rid of holy power and put everything on a CD like it was before...
but that is never going to happen. So meh...

Anyways, if you think of anything please post. Id like to hear feedback... both "for" and "against."
I agree that Mastery needs to change. I was thinking more along the lines of:

Mastery: Allows all your special abilities to do an additional % of Holy damage. Increased Mastery adds to the %. This would make Inquisition a LOT more valuable to keep up, and allow a 3 HoPo TV to refresh Inquisition (it's not like Inqu. makes us THAT much stronger, so why should it be a hassle to keep up?).

That would sort of fix your first 2 ideas.

I dont have Cata so I dont have a clue about the Guardian, but I like your idea as to what I've read about it.

Seals are a joke; they're more of a "set and forget" type thing, and I only use them to use Judgement (which is also very underwhelming).

And yeah; HoPo just seems like a last second implemetation and needs to disappear. Or at least make it less spazzy; Hand of Light should be trained for and be Passive, and make Judgement grant HoPo all the time (it's symbolic to a Paladin, make it suck less).
They did have our mastery as "Increases Holy Damage" for a while, but found that stacking mastery made Exo and HoW pretty ridiculous, which is kind of understandable.

However, I think what the mastery should be changed to is kind of a mix between what it is now and the kind that Ele Shammies, Hunters and Arms Warriors have.

Hand of Light:
When you use an ability that requires Holy Power, you have a 10% chance to cause a similar attack or spell that costs no Holy Power and no threat. Each point of Mastery increases the chance of Hand of Light by 2%.

(Numbers subject to whatever, of course)

The way this would work is like this: every time you use Templar's Verdict, Word of Glory, or Inquisition, you get a chance to do a second one free of charge.

TV: Extra burst, RNG but not a proc we have to watch.

WoG: More healing, which would be nice for PvP and offhealing.

Inquisition: When you get a HoL Inq, it applies for twice the duration. So a 3 HP Inquisition that procs HoL applies for 1 minute instead of 30 seconds, so you can go longer without reapplying.

What do you think? I was thinking about putting this in the suggestion forums, but wanted to run it by other Pallies first.
Yeah that would definetly add some flavor b/c it's not exactly copying the other class' mastery. I'd prefer that to what it currently is anyways.

This would be my idea:

Mastery: Gives the Paladin's Holy Power abilities a chance to not consume Holy Power. Increases the damage of your next Templar's Verdict by X%, the healing done by Word of Glory by X%, or duration/ buff of Inquisition by X sec./ X%.

Increasing Mastery could either buff the chance to proc or the next ability's Damage/ Healing, etc.

The whole class just seems too clunky, and I would've chosen a different class to be my main if I had foreseen this b/c it's not what I signed up for.
I had an idea about the Guardian. You can read it in my post: Fixing the Ret Paladin
Removing Holy Power fixes everything. I know that is not happening but that does not make it any less true. Now, after the failed holy power mechanics here comes Inquisition, just another "resource" to build up and keep up. Judgements are a joke, seals are a joke.

I think they should rebuild the paladin starting from scratch and we should be offered a class and race change for free. I play this toon 30 mins and I have to take a shower go out smoke two cigarrettes watch some television then i can come back to the game and play a different toon of course.

I never spent this much time in the forums, I never complained before about any class, nerf, I never gave so much negative feedback and I still feel I have not complained enough.

Unless you are part of paladin developer's team don't pay much attention to what I've said I mostly needed to vent, I wish I hadn't play this cursed toon yesterday
LOL sentiments exactly. Oh well, having a blast leveling my Warrior. I've never, EVER been able to pull 6 mobs and kill them all with Ret for my journey from 80-85. Even fighting two mobs at once in Twilight Highlands I barely made it out alive.

Not playing my 85 Procadin till they make just adjustments.
wait....did i just read someone say, templar's verdict is not holy damage? *scratches head* i dont understand... our main damaging attack takes holy power to use, expends holy power when used, but does no holy damage? maybe the glyph that increases the damage of templar's verdict should do that increase in holy damage? something like, 'your templar's verdict now does 15 percent more damage, the increased damage being holy'?

and yeah, i love the idea of avatar too...getting the same strength buff during it's duration as we fight, a holy avenging angel. although, i'ld tweak one little thing... each stack of ancient fury, after transferring back, becomes a timer ticking down to zero...say you built up 20 stacks of ancient fury....for the next twenty seconds, while you no longer have that strength, you do have a 5% damage increase that counts as holy, effected by inquisition... that would be soooo cool.

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