BGs and leveling

I was wondering if ret was the pvp spec or prot? also wats better for leveling out of those two?
Personally i go with Prot for both...Prot for insta "Q"s as a tank and since the patch, ret just sucks in pvp and i seem to get prot, however, i get an easy 6kills+ with 2-3 deaths give or take depending on the per a build, go full prot with a bit of ret and holy in a the mix....other than that GL ! :D
k thank you now i can offspec holy cuz i love healing to lol
At 39, I like both holy and prot in the BGs. Holy's casting power is crazy!
Do u think it's possible to get 2 sets of gear cuz I wanna tank and heal but I'm guessing it will take a long time
Holy is GREAT in pvp. Prot is good, especially depending on the BG. I haven't had good luck with ret in many patches, however.. so I've been prot and holy.

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