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Hi there, I'm having an issue where once i go up from fair graphics to good, the fps effectively gets cut in half. I wouldn't think much of it except that even in circumstances where the fps should be stellar (I.e. facing a wall in a low traffic zone), they still hold at 30 fps. Are there any workarounds for this or is this a video card issue? fwiw it's worth I have an ati 4870 card and am running 10.6.5. Thanks!
Didn't you cap your fps ? Try in wow /console maxfps 60 and see if it changes something.

But you know, 30 fps for an unmoving wall should be good enough to prevent any graphic related wipe =p
Same exact problem. I ran a few raids and I was like ... holy crap my FPS is terrible now even at min settings. I was stuck at 22.8 fps. I used the console command to raise it to 60 (where I usually have it) and it is stuck at exactly 30 in windowed mode. In fullscreen it goes up to 60 until I go to anywhere high-pop. Then it drops to unplayable rates. It is as if Vsync were enabled but it is not.

Addons are disabled, cache is deleted, yadda yadda yadda, machine is an iMac running 10.8.2 with an ATI 2600 and 4 meg ram. I was getting somewhere over 60 FPS on mostly low before (where i had it console limited) except in raids where I was usually in the 30's, occasionally dipping into the 20's in 25 mans.
In an experiment, I set it to windowed mode and back to fullscreen, then set the console to 90 FPS and go to a low-pop area. The frame rate shoots up to 90 until I encounter a single other player... then it drops waaaaay down... then if I awl away until they are off-screen, it is back up to max fps. If then I switch to windowed mode, it hard-limits to 60 FPS, and then if I walk util one other player is in view, it drops way down while he is on screen, and popps back up to exactly 60 fps if I walk away until he is off-screen.

very strange
I have a similar issue

After the patch, it seems to have trouble switching to the dedicated graphic card
Please don't necro threads. This was a thread from 2010.

Let's create a new thread with the issue at hand, as we don't want to mix information from 2010 in a recent issue.
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