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Axis is one of Aman'Thul's oldest "casual" raiding guilds and is recruiting all levels of players to join us for Cataclysm. We are a socially orientated guild who likes to have fun but also likes to take raiding seriously.

Traditionally we have been a 25m raiding guild and we are hoping to resume that when we have the numbers. To start the expansion while our members are leveling we will start running 10m's as soon as we can.

When raiding begins we will start with Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday Raid times Invites at 7pm - raids ending @ 10.30pm.

The following classes/specs are open for recruitment:
Druid Boomkin
Hunter Limited
Mage Open
Paladin Ret/Holy
Priest Open
Rogue Limited
Shaman Open
Warlock Open
Warrior Arms/Fury

Generally we're looking for people that can:

- be able to make 60%+ for raids

- have sufficient knowledge of your class and the skills to play it

- Geared for current content or very close to it

- have a sense of humor

- Over 18 (if not must be very mature)

- Have an original recipe for cooking our resident Crit Chicken

We also hope that people have off sets where available and are willing to pinch hit in a different role occasionally to make sure groups go ahead.

Apply at our site: axisofevil-amanthul.guildomatic.com/ or contact Frixie, Blaknight or Aromanne in-game if you have any questions.

/wave Kynai
In need of heals and fast OH swords

looking for all especially tanks
Almost have 2nd 10-man up and running, need tanks.

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