Guild progression thread?

Is it even worth starting one of these up anymore? I wouldn't mind running it because I did so for a year or so in BC. But with all of the guild progression sites now, and I'm sure wowprogress has gotten even better than back in Ulduar, would Cenarius want a guild progression thread?
I don't think anyone cares anymore.
Wowprogress has become pretty thorough, I think sadly the days of forums being useful is well gone.
Still kinda early :)

Every expansion shakes things up a bit so once the pieces fall in place I will make one Zinge or you can does not matter to me.
Even if it is pretty much a duplicate of wow progress this forum is a way of announcing you killed that boss right after ...

At the end of the month I will start a thread asking for raiding guilds to confirm they will be raiding.

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