How to DPS as a Paladin now!

12/12/2010 6:53 PMPosted by Farranor
Tanking shields have strength. Caster shields have int. Str would add more DPS than an equivalent amount of int.

Most caster shields have Crit on them, which is valuable too.
I have a guildie who DPSs as a prot pally. He also tops the meters and gets yelled at in dungeons for going off spec.

I've tried it and find the rotation much fuller than the ret rotation (though inquisition adds a bit to it now). Though I do find things die faster as ret than prot, mostly due to procs that come up (however, so do I).
Seriously, EVERYONE here plan to kidding me or it's true that prot do more damage than Ret??????

and if that true may I see your talent build plz
You're all retarded, ret is awesome right now, reminds me of my arms warrior.
just came out of a raid (BoT), on the second boss which is a pretty steady single target fight, i was pulling a consistent 12k-14k dps which is peaking at 18k-20k during blust wings, RET IS NOT BROKEN, you are just doing something wrong.

Make sure you download retribution rotation helper (you can use clcinfo if you want) and set the inquisition priority to about 4-6 seconds, then press what it tells you.

(PS: 55k TV crits, nearly 60k Exo crits, 45k HoW crits, all fun to see)
The only reason prot does 12k on AoE pulls is vengeance. You don't get much vengeance as dps unless you're standing in the bad.
yeah, on the dps meter as a true tanking pally, i was numero 2 on the list, which i have never seen in the past, i was out dps'ing my cousin zorzekai who was with me and he's a ret spec. so the answer to all of this is....go prot!!!!!
Tried this.....topped charts
question: does spell power boost our Hammer aoe damage?

I've been top DPS in nearly every dungeon I've been in, as MT, but that's just these lower levels.
if you are using a tanking spec, and doing everything a tank does, wouldnt a tank who is constantly taking damage and thus gaining vengence stacks much more reliably do more damage?
Okay, I'll bite. So it is probably time to start linking BoE gear and quest rewards. I'll start with the Redsteel crafted items:

Redsteel Bracers
Redsteel Gauntlets
Redsteel Belt
Redsteel Boots
Redsteel Shoulders
Redsteel Legguards
Redsteel Helm
Redsteel Breastplate

How about weapon, shield, cloak, neck, rings, trinkets, etc.? Please use WoW item linking if you can like I did above. Also, if there are quest rewards that are preferable to the crafted items or other BoEs that we might find in the AH, link those. Thanks!

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