easiest lvl'ing spec...

ok so im gonna bring my pally out of retirement and make my way to 80... is lvl'ing as Prot just as fast as a DPS would be? anyone got a line on a decent spec... i havent logged in since 4.0
www.wowlevelingbuilds.com for all your leveling talent spec needs.

As for spec, you can do either Prot or Ret. Ret kills stuff somewhat faster but with Prot you have a lot more survivability so you can handle multiple mobs or solo an elite.
Need to go kill 10 mobs? Go do so in 1-2 pulls.
Want to do a random dungeon? Instant queue.
Prot prot prot... I tried switching back and forth between the two for a while... never noticed Ret killing stuff any faster (the loss of Avenger's Shield at lower levels in particular was REALLY noticeable), only noticed I was a helluva lot squisher. No thanks.
Prot is so easy, beware, you can't pull just one.
Get dual spec and go prot / ret. Both have thier uses but ret is definetly more gear dependant for surviving. Holy Light 300% boost for ret whenever you a kill an xp mob = almost no downtime due to 30k+ crits.

I just leveled my DK from 77 to 83 (he's a gatherer) post cata so his gear was horrid (mainly BC quest greens and some wrath greens, 17k buffed hp at 80 in blood spec) and it took forever to kill stuff in Vashj'ir in blood spec, but it was doable. In frost spec it was suicide. Now he's got cata greens and just slaughtering in unholy spec (pet is nice for mining). For elites I swap into blood and just own.

Doing a non geared pally will be the same way. You can survive the hard stuff in prot just to get some gear to slaughter fast in ret. Once geared you can solo faster as ret, and handling multiple mobs is rarely a problem.
i can not tell you how fast i can kill mobs, it was waaaay faster than BC or WOTLK for sure, i think blizzard definitely made the prot spec waaayyy better.

the nice thing too is, i can now hold aggro with cc in dungeons, whereas before, it didnt matter how hard i dps'd, i would have to fight for cc.

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