[A] Nerve - 10M recruiting

Currently we are recruiting ranged dps to fill our last few 10 man spots. We plan on raiding 2-3 nights a week depending on the content at hand. We will start raiding a little earlier about 5 server. Our first 10 man starts today, monday dec13th, to get our feet wet. And we will be going back in tomorro. We plan on being a progressive guild and clearling all the content at an above average pace, but having a good time. Most of us have been raiding together since BC, and have recently transfered here from cho'gall.

Being a member of Nerve you will have access to guild repairs, ventrillo, our website, and the perks/rewards we will achieve together. We also plan on doing rated bg's and pushing with arenas.

Please send all inquiries online to Kalthan, Thermaflush, or Phony. or visit our website at nerve.guildomatic.com
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