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Yup same thing here
i got a race change and its still showing my old race, name, lvl, and gear
I have been released from limbo! Clear your cache and log out/in.
04/05/2011 01:55 PMPosted by Moux
I have been released from limbo! Clear your cache and log out/in.

Didnt work for me :(
Logging out and clearing cache also did not work for me.

This character is now level 22, but her Armory page still says cannot show toons under level 10. Her portrait shows the right gear though...
All characters suddenly correctly shown :)
Muchas gracias.
I've been correctly updated but I'm a separate entity from my old self. My forum posts are no longer in my history although I can search for them. They are all posted by my old self, which I partially don't mind, because I used to be pretty and it's nice to look at the old me before I got this big nose and sharp teeth.

My armory account has been stuck in my prot talent/gear view for quite some time, regardless of having been logged in and out as a fury warrior with appropriate gear. This is rather irksome for someone looking to post an armory link for guild recruitment.

Edit: Gear and Spec is updated, however render is not. (Which is very confusing)
I'm having a same issue....Armory shows me in the wrong spec and progression isnt updating. Has anyone found a fix for this or is it something Blizz must update? Bottom of the page says last updated on 4/21/11 and I have been on this toon several times since the 21st.
Would love it if my obtainment of the arch bug mount would show up on my activity feed. I figure it's more of a noteworthy accomplisment then some blue ring I won that's going to the vendor.
Having the same issue. Got a lot done the last few days and Id like it reflected in my profile, mainly cause I need to run it through an app for optimizing my gems/reforging.
Our guild killed Heroic Magmaw last night and it's not showing up in our armory profiles either. So I'm guessing the armory has once again broken with this new patch. A fix would be nice.
Straton responded to another thread about the "View My Posts" issue, which I'm sure is a related caching issue. He's apparently working on it with no known completion time. This has happened several times in the past, probably an overload to render queries after 4.1 with so many people logging in.
the toons i create arent even showing up
my picture shows i am wearing a pvp gear and actually i am wearing a pve gear that in game i am not using.
All my characters but Bloodydark that is my warlock are warlock is completely bugged even in the website lol
guys had the same issue you must log out via the computer icon that shows your latency and connection instead of pressing escape
I'm having the same problem with armory not updating. This has obviously been going on for a long time, is there a blue post I missed explaining the fix? There's no way Blizz would let this go on this long without addressing it right? Many of my characters aren't even showing the right spec as well as gear. Most of my toons are showing an update from a week ago. I've played everyday. I thought it updated each time you logged out on that toon. That's not happening.
Having the same issue, my main is about 2000 points lower than it should be, and gear hasnt updated for the past couple days, and now I cant reply to threads with him, or even post new topics. Keep getting the internal server 500 error

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