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^ Woolsey is my alt.

Though it appears i can post on my main again, armory is still messed up and my achivement count under my portrait next to this post isnt accurate either.
Not that adding another log to the fire will help it burn any faster, I am also having the same problem. I sent a twitter to @BlizzardCS to see if it was maybe something I could do to fix it. Apparently not. Only issue I'm having is that when other sites scr a pe the information to use the gear for math it's wrong.
same problem here.

This MIGHT BE A LIGHTBRINGER-US ISSUE since the last several posters are all lightbringer.

my armory hasn't updated since 4/30.
it's easy to see the date because my activity feed has the last entries on that date.
This definitely appears to be a Lightbringer-US issue. My character hasn't been updated in well over a week. Just killed Cho'gall last night and no reflection of that in my armory.

Please look into this when you can, Blizzard.
Same, I am also a Lightbringer-US player with 2 85's that have not updated in at least 5 days. My druid is 5 item levels higher than what is displayed. I also took him for his first raid outing on Sat and I still dont show any raid kills in his profile.
Im haveing the same issue with my other toon solforge.
Same issue here, still not updated after 5 days
Mine hasn't been updated since 4/12/11. Blizzard please get it together. . . . And you wonder why your subscription base is dropping.

I am on Lightbringer as well.
Still isnt fixed, hasnt updated since 4/28
I am having the same issue.
I checked today and it's updated.
I have the same issue... hasn't updated since 5/8 for me.
Same problem here.
I created a tauren DK like 3 weeks ago and I deleted it right after I created it, so it doesnt exist in game anymore but it is still shows up on the armory.

But my other characters are updated and showed well.
I am now experiencing this problem as well. Worked fine earlier today seemingly, then when I refreshed the page, it said my character is too low level to display. Mousing over my character in a search reveals the website thinks my character is a level 1 dwarf. My portrait is still being displayed properly, and it still shows my current achievement point and level total in the forums.

Unlike several preceding posts, I play on Argent Dawn.
The issue I have is that it isn't showing the faction change I did a few days ago. In-game, I'm a Tauren.
Good afternoon everyone,

We have taken notice of this issue and are working to communicate some changes that were made on 4/27 regarding how often and when character updates from the game can be seen on the World of Warcraft community site. We will continue to look at this and will have an update for the community soon.
Mine is being a bit weird. My armory page keeps changing from Human (what I am now) back to blood elf (which I was). My forum avatar stays the same, however; when it goes to my Human, the armory is completely up to date. When it goes to my Blood Elf, it's the same as it was right before I faction changed.

For some odd reason armory doesn't show stats/reforging for "Lightning Well Belt of the Wavecrest". It doesn't even take the reforged items/stats into consideration when showing total stats at the bottom of the page.


However it does work for some characters...


Seems like its bugged. ty

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