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There have been a lot of complaints on these forums about levelling as Retribution. People complain it's hard. They feel squishy. It takes forever to kill things. I've posted on a number of these threads stating how easy it's been to level as Ret. I was told on numerous occasions, "Wait until you get to 83 it gets harder." And then "83 is nothing. Wait until you hit 84 the mobs hit like a truck." And then I was 84, and now I'm 85.

Nothing has changed. It was easy from 80 - 85. I had no problems killing (very quickly) any mob I came across. And I could handle multiple mobs on me at one time. I tried Prot one time, for a brief spell. People kept saying it was better, and I had collected a full set of Prot gear from quests. It wasn't better. It felt like things didn't die any quicker, if not a little slower. And since I wasn't having any problems dying as Ret, the little extra survivability as Prot didn't make up for the lack of DPS.

I just wanted to make a brief post about my experience level as Ret so anyone who thinks they may want to level as Ret won't get scared by all the QQing. From 80 all the way up to 85, levelling as Ret is easy, and quick.

If you're looking at my armory I'm currently specced Prot because the random queues are like 50 minutes for DPS and instant for Prot.

Also, I don't know what it will be like at end-game, but the few instances I did as Ret before switching to Prot I was #1 on the damage meters on all bosses, except during one random where an Arcane Mage destroyed me =P
I just started leveling this toon and I'm enjoying Ret for it. I tried prot, but I couldn't effectively round up enough guys at the same time to make it time efficient. It wasn't awful though.
THANK YOU! I thought I was the only one that had no trouble leveling through 80-85 as ret.

Once people learn at least roughly what they're doing then this will not be a problem, but there's too many people that haven't adapted if you ask me. It isn't that hard of a rotation, and the gearing isn't that hard to figure out (Hit/expertise cap, then stack haste). Someone should probably put up a ret pally guide soon, clear up some of the problems.

Hrmm.... now that I think of it I was jumping for joy when I saw that ret would have a rotation back when they announced it but that's just me.
I think you're right, but I didn't want to bother switching specs to ret. I'd rather level as the spec I intended to play at 85 (prot). I'm a tank, why would I level as anything other than prot? I feel doing this gives me the best appreciation of my abilities and learning to tank the dungeons. I've been prot for 5 years now. Leveled prot when it sucked in vanilla WoW (RECKONING BOMBS!).

I alternated between quests and dungeons and leveled pretty fast.
I can mostly agree with this.

In general, I can keep myself moving at a quick pace through quests and not worry about my own death unless I do something completely foolish like pull 4 things at once. In the sense that ret is broken I generally feel like it's due to being punished by a clunky priority system and underwhelming DPS on anything not single target- but for the sake of both leveling and normal dungeons where people are rocking greens and blues I don't think it's indicative of a completely useless spec. At 85 in scenarios where nothing but your own dps and general class utility matter then I can absolutely agree that Ret needs a change but for playing alone in world pve there isn't anything so devastatingly wrong that using it makes you bad or stupid.

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