Nerdrage bc I healed Shadowfang keep as Prot

So I needed to run through Shadowfang Keep to get the pallie weapon materials. I am protection spec but chose both tank and healer for roles thinking that I would have no problem healing a low level 5 man.

To my surprise, I actually was picked to be healer. So I healed. Druid in my party noticed my spec, berated me for not being healer spec. I told him that I was going to be healer secondary spec at 30, but until then I could still heal something this low with little problem.

He quit. We found someone else and completed the run with little problem. The question I have is: Was he right? Should I not be healing lvl 20 something 5 mans with prot spec? I'll happily admit I made a mistake if I did do something wrong.
At that level it really doesn't matter. If you're keeping the group alive, it should be no problem.
At that level you are missing out on Holy Shock, which means you'll have to be closer to the front than you'd like to be in order to build HP. Your mana pool/SP/crit chance won't be as high either unless you saved a set of healing gear already). You will have better mana regen if you keep judging though, so overall there shouldn't be a problem at that level (I did the Deadmines with a pally healer who I swear was Ret specced and we survived).
OMG level 15 is srs bsns!!
12/13/2010 9:13 AMPosted by Sarrael
OMG level 15 is srs bsns!!

This was my thought exactly. But the guy got mad and quit.
Some people just have tunnel vision. Paladins can do fine at all aspects till roughly 40-50, as long as you have the appropriate gear. Although, things may have changed now you should still have been able to do so at that level.

SFK isn't exactly hardcore heroic mode...
My enhance shaman tanked and self healed his way through instances at that level, spec really isn't a big deal at that point :p
At that level I don't even bother looking at people's spec's. If they have healing spells and want to try healing, go for it. I healed as a shadow priest. I tanked as ret.

As long as you know where your heal spells are on your bar everything will be okay =P
The guy was an idiot. Spec means virtually nothing at low levels, and personally I've tanked, main healed, and DPSed as a Ret paladin on this alt as well as levelling during BC and Vanilla and it's perfectly viable up until the 50s or so.
12/13/2010 9:59 AMPosted by Camaeris
Spec means virtually nothing at low levels

Ever seen a holy paladin try to tank at low levels? It's aggro everywhere.
There was an epic thread on the old boards about going off-spec. Can't find it now but it was hilarious, particularly the bits about people nerd-raging on it.

I've done this as DPSing with prot; keep my threat down, use hand of salvation a lot, I'm good.

But at low levels that's just ridiculous. The tank can barely hold aggro, the DPS doesn't have half their rotation yet and the healer is probably spamming two spells. NONE of the roles are well-defined and it's all a bit of a mess. I play a bunch of hybrid classes and up until level 60 or so I was stepping up whenever someone would drop. My ret pally tanked half an instance until we picked up another tank and my elemental shammy healed a few times. Both worked fine.

People will complain no matter what. If you can do it, fair play to you.
if you are not a bad player, you can tank dps and heal with any spec paladin up till level 80, and do reasonably (not sure if that holds true on cata dungeons, but i would imagine not)

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