Inquisition is not fun

Hey, wanted to drop my 2 cents in to the mix.

Prot and holy are really fun atm. Ret is pretty awful though, I waste all my globals on keeping inquisition up and then lose out by 5k DPS to the less geared level 84 DK next to me.

buff plz
No, don't buff it. KILL IT.

Wasting time for ~10 seconds trying to put up a holy damage buff that will fall off in 30 seconds that you'll have to spend another ~5 seconds building back up that doesn't even buff your "signature" TV move but instead buffs your random procs and passive seals is just asinine and a lesson in futile actions.

Of all of the most conflicting and schizo parts of Ret, this is probably the least fun and the most head scratching.
The only "good" thing I can say about it is that it can be nice IF AND ONLY IF you're using it as a kind of dump for an extra holy power or two. That being said, those situations don't come up very often. It blows my mind that we have to waste 3 whole talent points just to make something last for all of 30 seconds. It's ridiculous. It originally had a much higher duration but they nerfed the hell out of it.
Agreed. It's just a matter of it being boring and tedious. I'm all for keeping the spec complicated, but let's atleast make it fun.

Get rid of Inquisition.
by far the most boring class to dps, inquisition is nothing but BORING
It's pretty bad. I agree the class would be way better if they just removed it entirely. What's fun about keeping the buff rolling?

Also having it get dispelled in 2 seconds in PvP is awesome.
Inquisition is not fun because when I get 3HP I have to sometimes spend it to keep the buff rolling rather than laying down a big Templar's Verdict like I would really prefer to do. It's a pain in the butt to weave it into my already complex DPS priorities. It is an awkward fit. It feels necessary in an un-fun, binary way: either it's up and DPS is good, or it's down and DPS sucks.

--No fun
--Feels necessary

Suggestion: Make inquisition a passive buff that builds with Holy Power such that 1HP is 10% Inquisition, 2HP is 20%, and 3HP is 30%.

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