Class choice advice.

I kinda need some help here, I've leveled a shaman to 80 and a druid to 60, I have been looking into a priest.

Can't decide on which class to play in arena, I want a mana efficient healer with good dps with another spec. Can't quite decide yet. The other two in my team are Warlock/ Resto druid. I'm just not quite sure which class I feel I would like to play. I kinda want a class I can have fun with more than anything, that will be average in arena. Help please?
I think that shaman in cataclysm is a great healer
What about PVP tho, i've been debating but can't decide who to play now between a druid and shaman. I like the shaman, but our survivability doesn't have an OMG button to press when $#1! goes south. i usually like that. Any more advice?

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