<Bane> recruiting Hunters and Rogues.

I can't say if you are good or not based on your itchy deterrence finger, but I can based on your 5v5 play...you aren't.

And I don't think you were on that 5v5 Ons
40k Bleeds.
Feral druid brags about killing hunter...
I heard Paulwalker just got shredded 1v1 with the drop by a bad hunter... smh
Uva I'm pretty sure you haven't fought me 1v1 since my ret paladin would destroy you in Wrath
I took so many screen shots I don't know how I had time to kill you. Props on the OP Ret in Wotlk btw, you're my new hero.
If it was in a BG then I lol'd. Be proud of youself.

I thought i was more your hero after you came to horde whispering how our 5s team was unbeatable after we swept you.
Hey that's great about 5's whenever that was, and I'm gonna let you get back to reminiscing... But lately you've been getting owned, and this isn't a class reunion.
Well I can't wait to here a rap about this, but you might want to get your facts straight, I don't think you have beaten me 1v1 in well forever. Enjoy
Bump for a great group of guys.
Best of luck with progression guys and girls!

The Horde <3's <Bane>
<Bane> <3's you all.

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