Best glyphs for PVP arms warrior

What are in your opinion the best glyphs for a pvp arms warior (lvl 85)?
Glyph of Piercing Howl with Drums of War. The PH range with the glyph is highest than sap range, and Drums of War makes it to cost 0 rage. Never ever a stealth team will open on you in arena.

Glyph of Victory Rush if you plan to do rated BGs. I'm really enjoying it.

Glyph of Intercept for long stun or Long Charge to get this runner.

Glyph of Sweeping Strikes.

Unfortunately, our glyphs positions are completed messed. We have way too many very useful major glyphs that makes it a pain to choose, in other hand we have ONLY NINE prime glyphs and THREE FOR EACH SPEC.

I mean, we have NO OPTION for Prime Glyph and a ton for Major Glyphs. Blizzard should move about 30% of the major glyphs to prime slots.
Piercing Howl, Long Charge and Sweeping Strikes, though I may remove ss for victory rush.

Also, the whole point of Prime glyphs were to give classes something specific to their spec that was an obvious raw dps increase. They are not meant to give utility or choice. It's part of the design. Major glyphs, however, may give situational dps increases or utility. Their job is to give you variety and a difficult choice for what you want in your spec.

Accept the limits of Blizzards design, don''t suggest things that blatantly go in the face of a philosophy that they said they want to promote.
Probably a dumb question but is sweeping strikes really still useful at 85? At 80 I only ever used it with BS and I heard BS got nerfed pretty bad.
What is your guys opinion on the 2 victory rush glyphs (once increases healing by 50% and the other increase the time you have to use it). Are the other glyphs more useful you think? It seems like in BGS and arena these glyphs can be awesome but I have no gold to try either lol
What do you guys think of this?

Prime glyphs: Mortal strike, Overpower, Bladestorm
Major glyphs: long charge, Piercing howl, Victory rush (if not I was gonna get intercept)
Minor Glyphs: Battle, enduring victory, and I still have no idea what to get for the third one
Demoralizing shout is also a good minor one to use.
Yeah I was thinking of that. I am still not sure if I should get victory rush as a major glyph...I really like the extra second of intercept stun

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