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I never have, and never will claim to be an expert on game mechanics or theory crafting, but in other games, I have came up with ideas that worked. While this one is on the ridiculous side, hear me out.

Really fast 1h weapons.....

Reducing swing sweeds by over 50% will in theory increase proc chances by that same amount, due to no internal CD on AoW or our Mastery.

TV already hits like a little girl, but it'd be over a 50% decrease in both TV and CS with white hits doing much less, granted you'd be able to 3hp TV very often though with mastery procs.

I'm sure some idiot has done these testings, lemme know how ya feel about it.

(Not to mention 2h spec 20% dmg bonus, the more i think the dumber the idea sounds)
Crusader Strike, TV and Divine Storm attack based on weapon damage. So if you use a 1h weapon, you may get more dps from auto-attack and more procs, however you will do massively less damage on all of our special moves. I am fairly certain that given the same ilvl gear, a slow 2h will always beat a fast 1h.

Just think about crusader strike, with a 1h, you wont get to use crusader strike any more often, but now it does a lot less damage every 3 seconds, etc.
I will be amazed if we ever go for a sword and board but I can see there being some interesting theorycrafting in the works over swing speed of the two hander.

Traditionally we wanted as slow as possible because most of our attacks scaled off weapon damage.

However at the moment exo is our hardest hitting spell, and we have a ton of holes in the rotation that need to be filled with RNG procs coming from auto attacks. There is a 13% speed difference between a 3.3 and 3.8s weapon, so it will be interesting to see if our physical attacks hitting for less damage, but having more TVs and exos will mean we take the physical damage loss and go for a faster 2 hander.

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