Holy Pally Stat Prioritization

What's yours and reasoning behind it?

Mine would be:

Intellect > Haste / Spirit > Mastery > Crit

1. Intellect: well that's a no brainer.
2. Haste/Spirit: I debated haste vs spirit for a while, but came to a conclusion that I like haste more. More haste = more Holy Light, less Flash of Light = less mana consumption. Also, not too big of a deal since gears come with 2 secondary stats, which in my case, would be haste and spirit.
3. Mastery: I just feel it's not strong enough to be prioritized over haste or spirit.
4. Crit: Increases healing throughput, but at a unreliable rate. Also occasionally increases HL and DL cast time, but again, is unreliable. I'd prefer mastery, which is a constant healing bonus, so to speak.

Feel free to post yours!

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