Cataclysm PvE Holy Paladin Theorycrafting

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Due to real life, I'm going to be stopping hardcore raiding. Which means I won't be able to keep this thread up to date. I've had a lot of fun working with everyone to figure out the nitty gritty details of paladin healing. Rock on and keep those green bars full.

Last updated: 8/11/2011
Last Patch Updated for: 4.2

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The basis of much of the analysis can be found in this spreadsheet:

-Reworked the math again on stat weightings a bit. Mastery is showing slightly stronger since I've missed some deprecation factors.
-Divine Protection does NOT reduce Hand of Sacrifice damage taken.
-If directly healing the beacon, use DL instead of HL.
-Reworded some of the LoD vs WoG usage.
I hope everyone finds this to be a useful guide. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. If I've made any mistakes, let me know and I'll double check my work.

This explains the mentality you need to have as a healer in Cataclysm. Once we've gotten the triage healing mentality down, we can start talking paladin specifics.

If you take nothing else from this guide, PLEASE pay close attention to the section on spell selection. The difference between a good and bad player will be found in spell selection, not gear. As long as you are wearing healer gear, you are viable (not necessarily optimal) provided you don't fail at spell selection.


While much of the work is my own, I've had community help and feedback from many sources. I apologize if I've forgotten any, but it doesn't mean I haven't appreciated the it :P

Adt for his(her) help on previous versions of this thread.

Faelyne for his(her) previous and continued math wizardry and proving me wrong when I needed it.

Michaelberea for raid buffs and enchants and consumables

Jantilla for raid buffs.

Bravehearth for LoD shape.

Everyone that has supported, read, critiqued and all around made this thread useful and accurate.

AW - Avenging Wrath aka Wings (Ability)
BL - Blessed Life (Talent)
DP - Divine Plea (Ability)
DL - Divine Light (Ability)
EG - Eternal Glory (Talent)
EJ - Elitist Jerks in reference to the forum, and Enlightened Judgements in reference to the talent.
FoL - Flash of Light (Ability)
GoAK ? Guardian of Ancient Kings (Ability)
HL - Holy Light (Ability)
HoF - Hand of Freedom (Ability)
HoP (sometimes BoP, used to be Blessing of Protection) - Hand of Protection (Ability)
HoSac - Hand of Sacrifice (Ability)
HoSal - Hand of Salvation (Ability)
HP - Holy Power (Resource)
HS - Holy Shock (Ability)
HR ? Holy Radiance (Ability)
hpm - Heals per mana
hps - Heals per second
IoL - Infusion of Light (Talent)
LoD - Light of Dawn (Ability)
LoH - Lay on Hands (Ability/Talent)
mp5 - Mana per 5 seconds
mps - mana per second
PotI ? Protector of the Innocent (Talent)
SoI - Seal of Insight (Ability)
SoL - Speed of light (Talent)
ToR - Tower of Radiance (Talent)
WoG - Word of Glory (Ability)

General Mechanics

Before I get into spell selection, here are the nitty gritty details about how spells generally work. In general, the amount you heal for is:
Final Heal = K * ( Base Power + SP Coefficient * Spell Power)

There are a few exceptions, but I'll discuss those specifically when I get there. Final heal is the green number that pops on your screen. Your spell tooltip displays this number as well. For simplicity, I only consider the average.

K is the totality of all % bonuses. These stack in strange ways. Through experimentation, I've determined that normally K = (1 + .05 SoI Glyph+ 1.10 WitL) * 1.06 Divinity * 1.09 Conviction = 1.32871 I honestly have no idea if the self-healing from Divinity multiplies or adds, or where it would go. If I had to GUESS: Self-healing Divinity K = (1+.05+.1)*(1.06+.06)*1.09 but that's purely speculative.

Conviction does not proc off Holy Radiance ticks.

Spell Statistics

For HPS/HPM numbers, I ignore RNG in the form of crits, procs and mastery. If you'd like to include crits, multiply K by (1 + Crit%). Likewise I ignore mastery. To include mastery, multiply K by (1+Shield%)*P for appropriate spells, where P is the probability a shield will be consumed. With changes in 4.2, P is approaching 1. Procs are somewhat more complicated to consider, but can be statistically modelled.

This math doesn't explicitly consider additional healing from Beacon of Light and PotI. However, since these scale equally with most spells, I ignore them for simplicity.

For instant spells (i.e. HR and HS) I ignore their cooldown. Their "cast time" is the GCD. I do this because this is the only time the spell will be guaranteed to consume. The rest of the time you're "free" to do something else.

I also pretend in the case for HR that the healing is all useful. This is possible to do with HR with proper planning, but is an idealization.

The final heal, and HPS/HPM numbers are based on a paladin in ilvl 359 gear starting Firelands with full raid buffs.
5000 Int Paper Doll Int
8386 Spell Power
774 Haste (25% raid buffed haste)

Holy Shock
Instant, 6 sec CD
1873 Mana
HS K = (1 + .05 SoI + 1.10 WitL + 0.3) * 1.06 Divinity * 1.09 Conviction = 1.67533
Heal = K*(2740 + 0.2687 * Spell Power) = 8365.6
HPS - 7529.29 (Over 1 GCD)
HPM - 5.102 (Actually higher due to HP generation)

Holy Light
2.5 Sec
2740 Mana
Normal K = 1.3287
Heal = K*(4400 + 0.4321*Spell Power) = 10661
HPS - 5757.244
HPM - 3.793

Divine Light
2.5 Sec
8198 Mana
Normal K = 1.3287
Heal = K*(11733 + 1.153*Spell Power) = 28437
HPS - 15356.52
HPM - 3.469

Flash of Light
1.5 Sec
7261 Mana
Normal K = 1.3287
Heal - K*(7329 + 0.863*Spell Power) = 19353
HPS - 17418.64
HPM - 2.665

Light of Dawn Per Holy Power Per Person
Normal K = 1.3287
Heal = K*(640 + 0.132*Spell Power) = 2321

LoD isn't really a cone. It's a 10 yard wide by 28 yard long rectangle. See:

Use LoD for 4+ people.

Word of Glory Per Holy Power
Word of Glory is a funny spell. It's got an attack power coefficient portion, but my in game testing suggests that it is NOT multiplied by K. Not really significant except to rets and prots. We can generally ignore the AP portion, since we're lucky to have 100 AP.
K = (1 + .1 WitL + .05 SoI + .1 WoG Glyph)*1.06 Divinity *1.09 Conviction*1.3 WitL WoG = 1.8775
Heal = (2038 + 0.209*SP)*K + 0.19799*AP = 7117

Use WoG for less than 4 people. WoG beats LoD for direct beacon heals.

Holy Radiance
Instant, 30 sec CD
9368 Mana
684 Avg Base
Normal K = 1.3287
Heal = K*(684 + 0.067*Spell Power) = 1656
Per Tick Per Person and under 8 yards and 6 or less people

Haste adds ticks.

Time between ticks = 1.0/H
H = (1+Total % haste). So 25% haste has H=1.25
Total Ticks = Round(10*H)
HPM/Person - 2.064291
HPS/Person - 1860

HR beats HL even on efficiency if 3+ people get the full effect.

Protector of the Innocent Per Talent Point. PotI's kind of strange. There's a lot of rounding going on, so this may be inaccurate (but should be within 5%)
This K is affected by divinity. I honestly haven't looked at PotI too closely.
Heal = K*(934 + 0.018294*Spell Power)
How to Heal
Short answer:
Keep beacon on the tank.
Judge on cooldown.
Holy Shock on cooldown.
Use HL, DL and FoL to fill the gaps.
Dump holy power as needed.
Use cooldowns.

Healing a non-beaconed target to get 50% transfer is ALWAYS more mana efficient than healing the beacon, even with ToR. This suggests that a beacon swapping playstyle (w/ beacon glyphed) would be mana efficient.

I tried a playstyle where I moved the beacon to DPS that required healing and healed the tank directly. It was a pain in the ass to do, and felt impractical. While this is a mathematically superior style, it's really hard to do well. However, if you find yourself successful with this kind of play style, props for you.

I redid the math again, and a big problem is the HPS loss from the extra GCD's. From what I've seen so far, you want at least 4 heals per swap to make beacon swapping a good idea. It also locks a major glyph into place.

In general, continue to keep the beacon on the tank, but don't be afraid to swap it as needed.

If the beacon needs direct healing, use DL instead of HL. The efficiency from ToR actually brings DL on par with HL in terms of HPM.

Judging is the largest source of our regen. Each judge will net you 2342 mana. On CD that's 1464 mp5. More realistically, if 1 judge/10 sec is 1171 mp5. But don't be stupid and let someone die while judging.

Holy shock is inherently an efficient heal. Couple that with holy power generation, it's your best friend. But don't be stupid. If no one needs a heal, don't shock just for the sake of generating HP. It's not worth the mana. Likewise, if someone is going to die, start spamming FoL even if HS is off cooldown.

The bulk of your healing will coming in the form of the "filler" heals, HL, DL and FoL.

HPM Rankings (high to low):

HPS Rankings (high to low):

This means for efficiency purposes, HL will be your default heal. If you need more HPS than HL can give out, switch to DL. If you need more HPS than DL can give out, go to FoL.In raid environments, HL often won't cut it, so you're going to end up using DL quite a bit.

WoG vs. LoD.
At entry 359 gear into Firelands, WoG beats LoD by a factor of 3.06. At higher spell power this goes down, but at our current tier of gear, I don't see this dropping below 2.9.

If you have 4+ targets that need healing, use LoD, otherwise use WoG. Unlike before, if the beacon target and beacon target alone needs healing, LoD beacon healing is NOT optimal. When we take into consideration mastery and eternal glory, WoG wins.

You do NOT have to use these abilities at 3 HP. There's no reason to limit yourself like that. The spells are weaker, but heals scale linearly with HP. The only thing you're losing are partial GCD's. Using 3x 1 HP WoG does the same healing as 1x 3HP WoG. You do lose some time, but sometimes a person only needs a 1 or 2 HP heal to top off, or they need an immediate heal at low HP to survive to buy you time for bigger heals like DL.

Holy Radiance
Use this if you can get 3 or more people with the full benefit.

Crusader Striking for HP
In general, I don't recommend doing it. You LOSE mana and you LOSE HPS. The only time I would recommend using CS is if you know that AoE damage is incoming soon and you need LoD to cover it, in this case it has a very small efficiency boost. Do NOT use it during low damage phases just because you can.

Cooldown Usage
If you think you might need a CD, use one.

Avenging Wrath gives you wings and you heal for 20%. Awesome.

GotAK looks cool, adds a splash and heals for 10% more

Divine Favor is 20% haste, and 20% crit. Best used with HR.

HoSac is a great defensive CD. With PotI and Divine Protection, the transferred damage is trivial. Divine Protection (not shield) does NOT reduce the damage taken.

LoH is a 2nd life. Don't be too stingy with it.

Divine Plea is best used if you can basically get away with not healing. Continue to use shock, and HL to slowly heal. Covering the reduction with DL/FoL is a LOSS in mana. I don't like using my other CD's to cover the loss in healing. Cancel DP if needed. If you like to live dangerously, macro Divine Plea to work with Potion of Concentration.

In addition to helping cover heavy damage, the CD's can be used to "save" mana by letting you to downgrade to HL. I personally like to spread out my CD's instead of stacking them for crazy burst.

Use Aura Mastery with Resistance Aura for large bursts of raid magic damage. For more details see:

Use Divine Protection as a personal defensive cooldown.

I personally would recommend the following spec.

There is some debate on a few details, and I'll discuss them here. First, EVERY spec will be the same up to this point:

Also, the following talents are MANDATORY. Light of Dawn, Divinity, and Crusade, which every spec will eventually get. That leaves 7 wiggle talent points.

One deviation is dropping Tower of Radiance. You'll take the 3 points and add to Blessed Life, Enlightened Judgements or Last Word. The reasoning behind this is, even with ToR, directly healing the beacon is always mathematically inferior. If you're not going to heal your beacon, then ToR is useless.

I personally disagree with this for 2 reasons. 1) The alternatives suck too. 2) I find it practically difficult to implement. Your beacon will need heals, especially if it's put on a tank. I personally direct quite a few of my heals to the raid and then throw direct heals on my beaconed tank as needed. Purposefully ignoring my beaconed target feels clunky and it really isn't that feasible for me unless 2 tanks are consistently taking heavy damage and I'm spamming at least one of them. This does occur, but not every fight.

That said, people have found success with this spec.

The other variance is to drop Eternal Glory for Pursuit of Justice. I personally prefer a talent that directly helps healing. It also mandates if you take 2/2 Improved Judgements, which I find to be overkill. However, runspeed is always a good thing. You can also switch out Lavawalkers for 50 haste.

A more detailed discussion and debate can be found starting here:

Prime Glyphs
Seal of Insight is mandatory.

Pick your 2 favorites out of Divine Favor, Holy Shock and Word of Glory. I personally use Holy Shock and Word of Glory.

Major Glyphs
We actually have a lot of choices here, all of them situational. It costs 10g to swap a glyph. You SHOULD carry a stack of Dust of Disappearance with you and switch glyphs as the fight calls for. The vendor can be found near any inscription trainer.

Your choices are:
Light of Dawn
Divine Plea
Divine Protection
Beacon of Light

Light of Dawn Glyph - Useless in 5 mans, but almost mandatory in raids.

Divine Plea, Divinity, Beacon of Light and Cleanse are mana saving CD's. Divine Plea is likely going to give you 12% mana. On a long fight you might use it 3x for 18%. Divinity is set at 10%.

At 120k mana, it takes 9 Beacon Swaps for beacon to beat Divinity and 19 Cleanses per fight to beat Divinity. So for cleanse heavy fights, it may be worth glyphing.

I do not advocate Lay on Hands. Even at 7 minutes, you're only going to use this once/fight unless it's a long fight and you blow it early.

Divine Protection is good for magic heavy fights. I believe it works with Hand of Sacrifice as well.

Pick your personal favorites. I usually use Divine Plea, Divinity and Light of Dawn

Minor Glyphs
Kings, Might, Insight.

For details see:

First: Stat weighting is NOT THAT IMPORANT. Having more stats is always good, but the exact balance won't make or break you. Know what the stats do and shuffle them to support YOUR playstyle.

Rating Conversions:
Due to rounding errors, these numbers are not exact.
179.2 Crit Rating ~= 1% Crit
128.125 Haste Rating ~=1% Haste
179.2 Mastery Rating ~= 1 Mastery = 1.5% Shields

649 Intellect ~= 1% Spell Crit (Paladins inherently have 3.36% crit with 0 Intellect)
1 Intellect = 15 Mana (The first 20 points of intellect only give 1 mana)
1 Intellect = 1 Spellpower

Stat Weighting
1) Intellect
2) Spirit to Comfort
3) Haste to Comfort
4) Mastery
5) Crit

The rationale behind this is
1) You need a base amount for % benefits to work off of. Int also does lots of other good things
2) Have enough mana to avoid OOMing.
3) Don't let someone die to Reflex Fail.
4) Stat dump to everything else.

There's a lot of debate of ideal balance of secondary stats. If the above guidelines aren't specific enough for you, here's some more things to consider.

Are you going OOM? Yes, get more spirit.

"To comfort" is fuzzy, so even though this is going to bite me in the !@#, aim for 2900 spirit. More or less is personal preference, but fully buffed this amount will let you spam HL/HS/filler at a mana neutral rate.

Are people dieing because your casts are too slow? Yes, get more haste.

Did you answer "No" to both questions? Start working on crit and mastery, keeping them 1:1.

I would shoot for a minimum of 774 haste. Raid buffed (5% & JotP) HL and DL are below 2 seconds, a common boss swing timer, and it will give you 13 ticks of HR. Any haste beyond that is purely personal choice. It's not wrong, it's not right, it's how well it works for YOU.

After looking at Firelands content where tanks can die in 1-2 GCD's, I'm going to recommend stacking haste hard. But again, personal preference if you can make it work.

After haste and spirit are settled, get 15% crit. Another 5% comes from raid buffs. At 20% Conviction shouldn't be falling off. After that, keep crit and mastery at a 1:1 ratio.

Stat Benefits
100 Intellect
110.25 Actual Intellect due to BoK and Armory Mastery
110.25 Spell Power
1654 Mana
0.17% Crit
4.135 mp5 from 90% replenishment uptime
To see how much spirit regen intellect adds, see:
formulas. This depends heavily on both your current spirit and current intellect.

In 359 gear, this is roughly a 0.653% throughput increase across the board.

100 Spirit
See: for details
Roughly 60 mp5 in combat.

100 Haste Rating
0.78% increased haste
For more on cast time changes see:
You would need 3491 haste rating to GCD cap. This won't happen for a while. Most bosses have a swing timer of about 2 seconds. Try to get at least 774 Haste so your HL and DL has a 2 second cast time and 13 ticks of HR. At our current gear, haste is BETTER than int for raw throughput.

See for HR ticks.

100 Crit Rating
~0.558% increased crit chance
On average, this translates into 0.558% extra healing
You want to shoot for ~20% raid buffed crit to keep Conviction rolling, which we should almost have anyways from int. Don't forget you should get 5% from raid buffs.

100 Mastery Rating
~.837% shields
Initially we're seeing that 0.837% shields, but its deprecated by 50% because only 50% of your healing will proc it. Mostly seeing 75%-99% usage of the shields that do come up.

Mastery and Haste rating should be kept about 1:1 ratio because they stack multiplicatively. I'd recommend dropping crit, but it's not really a problem if you have some. Multiplicative stacking fixes most of crit's deficiencies.
Gemming and Reforging
Default to Brilliant Inferno Ruby everywhere.

However, sometimes it's worth sacrificing intellect for lesser stats. I'd recommend these guidelines. Don't forget to activate your meta with 2 yellow.

If short on haste, trade 10 int for 20 haste or better.

Do not trade int for crit.

If good on haste and in heroic gear, trade 10 int for 20 mastery.

Trade 10 int for 20 spirit.

When applicable Yellow Sockets: Potent Ember Topaz or Reckless Ember Topaz See stat weighting and adjust accordingly.
When applicable Blue Sockets: Purified Demonseye
Meta: Ember Shadowspirit Diamond

Weapon - Enchant Weapon - Heartsong or Enchant Weapon - Power Torrent
I lean towards Heartsong because the proc is always useful. Murphy always seems bite me in the !@# and procs Power Torrent when I don't need it.
Shield - Enchant Off-Hand - Superior Intellect
Head - Arcanum of Hyjal
Shoulders - Greater Inscription of Charged Lodestone
Chest - Enchant Chest - Peerless Stats
Back - Enchant Cloak - Greater Intellect
Wrist - Formula: Enchant Bracer - Mighty Intellect
Gloves - Ideal Enchant Gloves - Greater Mastery - Cheap Enchant Gloves - Haste
Belt - Ebonsteel Belt Buckle
Pants - Powerful Ghostly Spellthread
Boots - Enchant Boots - Lavawalker or Enchant Boots - Haste
If you don't have any other source of runspeed, do your raid leader a favor and get Lavawalker, or if you're poor, get Earthwalker.

See the section on stat weighting. Juggle things around as necessary.

Relevant Buffs/Raid Buffs
5% Str, Int, Stam, 97 Resist All - Blessing of Kings or Mark of the Wild
326 mp5 - Blessing of Might or Mana Spring Totem or Fel Intelligence
5% Haste - Moonkin Form, Wrath of Air totem, Shadowform
5401 Mana - Arcane Brilliance or Fel Intelligence
Replenishment (1% max mana/10 seconds, or 0.5% max mana per 5) - Ret Paladins, Resto Druids, and other sources I can't remember.
6% Spell Power - Arcane Brilliance or Flametongue Totem
10% Spell Power - Demonic Pact or Totemic Wrath

Not sure how this stacks.
Dark Intent? 3% Haste longterm, 3% proc.

(Work in Progress)
Seafood Magnifique Feast or Delicious Sagefish Tail

Flask of the Draconic Mind or Flask of Flowing Water

Mythical Mana Potion or Potion of Concentration (Live dangerously by macroing this to Divine Plea)

I normally shy away from discussing addons because my setup won't work for you, and your setup won't work for me. However, there are some general guidelines you want to follow.

You want a healing addon. There are 3 really popular options right now:
- Healbot. I use this one, but don't take that to mean you need to as well.
- Grid with Clique. This is technically 2 addons. Grid is the raid frame. Clique allows for click casts.
- Vuhdo. I've tried it, and it's very powerful, but I've been using Healbot for too long :P

You want a Raid Mechanic addon. I know of 2, though there are more:
- Deadly Boss Mods
- Big Wigs

The following addons are not required, but highly recommended. I'll break them by function and list the ones I know of or use.

Threat Addons
- Omen Threat Meter. More important to tanks and DPS, but helps you with Hand of Salv.
- Tidy Plates + Tidy Threat Plates. Lets you see what you aggroed and what isn't very quickly. Again, more important to tanks and DPS.

Buff/Timer Trackers
- Power Auras - Very customizable alerts. Tells me to when HS and Judgement are off CD, any procs I have. Somewhat complicated to setup.
- IceHUD - Displays your health, mana, and holy power bar in a more visible manner and anywhere you want. Does other fancy things, but I only use it to track Holy Power.

Don't look at these mid fight, and don't epeen with them. But do use them as debugging tools.
- Recount
- Skada

Useful Macros
Aura Mastery Announce
Announces in /say when you pop AM and what aura is active. Does not display if AM is off CD. Change "say" to "raid" for raid announce.
#showtooltip Aura Mastery
/run if GetSpellCooldown "Aura Mastery"==0 then local X=select(GetShapeshiftForm(),"Devotion","Retribution","Concentration","Resistance","Crusader");SendChatMessage(X.." Aura Mastery used!","say"); end
/cast Aura Mastery

Hand of XXXXXX whisper
#showtooltip Hand of Sacrifice
/run if GetSpellCooldown"Hand of Sacrifice"==0 then SendChatMessage(">> Hand of Sacrifice on you! <<","WHISPER",nil,UnitName"mouseover")end
/cast [@mouseover] Hand of Sacrifice
Whispers a target that you're hitting them w/ Hand of XXXXX. Only whispers if ability off CD. Does NOT do a range check, so you might spam them if they're too far away. Change names as needed for other abilities.
I would argue that crit is higher in priority.

Critting Holy Light gives an extra Holy Shock which is still (relatively) cheap to cast and builds power for Light of Dawn which is proving to be critical towards healing the beacon tank.

Dropping Judgement at every possibility will quickly replace any Spirit deficiency. Also make use of the Blood Elf Racial as much as possible (we're all BE's right??! :))

Pre-emptively casting Holy Light also negates any lack of haste. I see Holy Light as the go-to spell when everyone's full and theres nothing else to do. Cast it premtively on the tank. It's long enuf to cancel out of the cast if the tank doesn't need it. HL HL, Judge, repeat when there's nobody else to heal.

I have almost no haste but I've been able to heal several heroics through, most recently heroic Grim Batol / Erudax fight and ended with a full mana bar.

My recommendation for stat priority would be:

Int (even break socket color bonus if the bonus is spirit)
Formatting suggestion:

Strip the line breaks out of your list items when you're making a list on the forum. It cleans up a lot of the dead space..

Example with line breaks:

  • First

  • Second

  • Third

Example without line breaks:

  • First
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@ Loring
12/13/2010 1:13 PMPosted by Lylthe
Stat Weighting
1) Intellect
2) Spirit to Comfort
3) Haste to Comfort
4) Crit
5) Mastery
Please note the sections in bold.

I might end up taking out that section. Readers tend to latch onto the wrong things.

Yeah, I noticed that. It's fixed now.
First revision is complete. A few things still need to be mathed out, but the bulk of the work is done.
Thank you for this guide. I expect it will be very helpful.

Severed Sagefish Head (90 int/stam)
Fortune Cookie (should be 90 int/stam)
Seafood Magnifique Feast (should be 90 int/stam)
Delicious Sagefish Tail (90 spirit/stam)
Other food for haste, crit and mastery
Intellect seems best

Flask of the Draconic Mind (300 Intellect)
Flask of Flowing Water (300 Spirit)
Intellect seems best

There is still some debate on the meta. To get a final answer you will probably need to use a tool like Rawr which will look at your gear and the stats you currently have and make a personalized recommendation. But at this point I will be shooting for the following.
Metagem - Ember Shadowspirit Diamond (54 int, +2% max mana)
Gem all slots with Brilliant Inferno Ruby (40 int) except for 2 Potent Ember Topaz (20 int / 20 crit) for Meta

Head 60 Int & 35 Crit (Guardians of Hyjal - Revered)
Shoulders 50 Int & 25 Haste (Therazane - Exalted)
Back 50 Int
Chest 20 All Stats
Wrist 65 Haste or 50 Spirit
Hand 50 Haste
Waist 1 Socket (Cataclysm version of belt buckle; old Wrath version only works on sub-300 gear)
Legs 95 Int & 55 Spirit (Powerful Ghostly Spellthread)
Feet 50 Haste
Weapon 500 Int for 12 sec (Power Torrent)
Shield 100 Int

There's a helpful chart here
5% haste comes from Moonkin Form or a shaman's Wrath of Air totem
Mage's Arcane Intellect and Warlock's Fel Intelligence both provide 5401 mana
Mage's Arcane Intellect and Shaman's Flametounge totem both provide 6% spell power
Awesome, thanks Michaelberea. The one ability that confused me was:
Dark Intent
You link yourself with the targeted friendly target, increasing both of your haste by 3%.

When you or the linked target gains a critical periodic damage or healing effect, the other gains an increased 3% increased periodic damage and healing lasting for 7 sec. Stacks up to 3 times. Dark Intent lasts for 30 min.

This is new to Cataclysm and I'm worried there may be new buffs to consider as well.

In all likeliness, the warlocks are going to be giving this to a class with bleeds or HoTs, but I'm not sure how it stacks. This changes haste calculations quite a bit.

I put together six pages of work and all people can seem to read are 2 lines, and still miss the section in bold.
Stat Weighting
1) Intellect
2) Spirit to Comfort
3) Haste to Comfort
4) Crit
5) Mastery

Please continue reading to the section that immediately follows.
The rationale behind this is
1) You need a base amount for % benefits to work off of. Int also does lots of other good things
2) Have enough gear to avoid OOMing.
3) Don’t let someone die to Reflex Fail.
4) Stat dump to everything else.

Yes, you need crit. You want about 30% raid buffed crit to avoid letting conviction fall off, which you're not going to get. Is conviction important? Yes. Is it so important that I recommend getting 0 spirit and 0 haste? No.

I recommended getting at least enough haste so your casts are under 2 seconds, the usual boss swing timer. I'm not advocating to GCD soft cap.

Point for point haste is better for raw HPS than crit. It gives you a choice. You can choose to use that haste, and the linked mana, or not. But at least you'd have the choice.

Crit is nice and useful, but it's still RNG. From empty to full, even if it takes 10 casts, there's a significant probability you will get 0 crits. So heal as if you won't get crits, then adjust when you do. It's a great perk, but that's it, a perk.

But if you want to stack crit. Go ahead. It'll work. I'm only telling people to get enough haste so someone doesn't die to reflex fail.

Seriously, at this point we're just beating a dead horse. We've got bigger problems to figure out than crit vs. haste.
Raid buffs of differing amounts always stack, with the exception of mount speed increases, and things like Drums of Forgotten Kings/Blessing of Kings (last time I checked.) Forgotten Kings and Gift of the Wild still stack, afaik (I need to make friends with a druid with drums to double check this.)

So, you can have both the 6% and 10% spellpower buffs at the same time.

EDIT: Given that heals from Enlightened Judgements transfer through Beacon of Light, I'd prioritize it in spec-building. Mana efficiency and all that.
this may have been covered so i could have missed it, any ideas on what the soft cap for haste will be @ 85?
Thank you for writing this up! This will turn out to be incredibly useful.

Any word on what Meta we'll be using? I've narrowed it down to two: Ember Shadowspirit for +54int/2% total mana and the +spirit/3% increased crit heals which name escapes me at the moment. I've been leaning pretty heavily towards the Ember Shadowspirit.

P2theS: to request a sticky do we still have to report the OP and give "request sticky" as the reason?

Thanks for the raid buff info. Updated accordingly.

While Enlightened Judgements does help the tank, filling out 3/3 PotI will give you better returns on the last 2 floating points. However, you CAN get both :) Not that either is a lot of healing, but every little bit counts.

I personally haven't decided what to do with the last 2 points, but I'm probably going to take 3/3 PotI for the extra healing, and 1/2 Improved Judgements for the range. Even 15 yards is pretty short.


The haste soft cap is 3491 . I might be off by 5% due to rounding. Don't even think about trying to get this. Maybe in a few tiers of gear we'll consider it. Do try to get 700-800 haste rating to bring your DL/HL under 2 seconds.


Glad you're finding this to be useful! I don't believe there's any other way to request sticky besides "reporting" me :(

Yeah, we're probably going to use the 54int/2% total mana. I'd rather take 54 int over 54 spirit and the 3% crit heal doesn't feel justified in my book. 54 int is probably more throughput (unconfirmed statement). Do we know if 3% increased crit heals means 1.53 crit multiplier or 1.5*1.03=1.545 crit multiplier?
2/2 Enlightened Judgements gives us a 20 yard Judgement - it has a ten yard range by default.

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