Cataclysm PvE Holy Paladin Theorycrafting

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Glyph of Divinity's been fixed to 10% again, not 20%

EDIT: Turns out there was a problem w/ the Cho'Gall strat I was running, so yeah, the beacon works again. Haven't pulled Nef enough to really get into the intricacies with beacon there, but I'll take your word for it.

I unfortunately don't have logs from tonight's kill of Cho'Gall, but I DID use a fair number of direct heals on my beaconed target. I have found that the efficiency gains from ToR healing to occassionally be useful. I haven't really run into a situation where I thought, "Man I wish my judgement was longer."

Either way, let me think about it a bit more before I update the front page. Feels like a "your mileage may vary" disclaimer is warranted.
ToR is horrible. And saying that my logs show each talent point put into that turdly talent was worth 1.7 Holy Power per encounter was an overstatement. It's only worth that much when you've sunk 3 points into it.

I've already shown that on average, 1 point into Blessed Life is more Holy Power than 2 points into TOR. The only disadvantages are that it's not as predictable and easy to plan around (at least not until you truly learn what things generate BL procs on each encounter). And that on some fights there just isn't anything for it to proc off of. I mean, it's a PVP talent. LOL. But sadly, it's a higher producing talent than a single point in TOR (which also seems to be more viable in PVP).

Is it possible to find out what blessed life procs off of in each individual encounter in cataclysm without face rolling your Holy Power?

1) Spew.
2) Random fireballs to a few people.
3) Random shadowbolts on heroic

1) Magmatron aoe.
2) Magmatron Targetting
3) Electron Chain lightning
4) Electron aoe dmg from Rod

1) Aoe pulse
2) Random fireballs/fire on ground
3) Fiend on heroic

1) Red phase AOE
2) Blue phase Freeze
3) Black phase sludge
4) Final phase Initial poison hit

1) Caustic Slime
2) Shadow dmg on heroic phase 2

1) Onyxia side lightning
2) Tail Whips
3) Crackle.
4) Lava
5) Nef shadowballs p2

1) fireball hits
2) proto aoe fire
3) Furious roar

Double Dragon
1) blackout
2) meteorites
3) Big Twilight meteorite
4) engulf magic from other players

1) Ignacious Aoe from shield
2) Quake + Thundershock
3) lightning rod on you
4) chain lightning final phase
5) gravity crush final phase

1) aoe shadow nova
2) aoe damage phase 2

1) aoe breath
2) orb dmg if a tad bit too close
3) wrack

1) nezir blizzard or frost patch
2) Air guy shield on heroic that pulses

1) blizzard
2) wind burst
3) lightning blast + Chain lightning that stays on heroic
4) stormling
5) acid rain

I'm sure I missed a few but I would really like to know which of these do and which do not provide holy power from blessed life.

Its going to be something like 95% of them. When I had Blessed Life I was constantly surprised to see my HP at 3 when I thought it was at 1, on just about every single fight. Come to think of it I aught to put points back into it.
Is there a list off addons you use? Sorry if you already posted this to someone ._. i dont want to real through 25 pages
See the Table of Contents

Exact link is here::

That might help for blessed life.
So just to get an idea of how a ToR spec vs. a Non-ToR spec generated holy power I compared a set of Bastion logs of my own to those of Adt.

Here are the raw numbers (keep in mind I only had 1 point in BL at the time of this parse)

Dubalicious - HS(28) / ToR(16) / BL(3) /EG(3) = 50
Adt - HS(43) / EG(14) / BL(2) = 59

Double Dragon
Dubalicious - HS(28) / ToR(8) / EG(8) = 44
Adt - HS(34) / EG(8) = 42

Ascendant Council
Dubalicious - HS(28) / ToR(13) / BL(5) / EG(12) = 58
Adt - HS(42) / EG(5) / BL(4) = 51

Dubalicious - HS(38) / ToR(16) / BL(2) / EG (9) = 65
Adt - HS(48) / EG(8) = 56

Dubalicious - HS(122) / ToR(53) / BL(10) / EG(32)
Adt - HS(167) / BL(8) / EG(35)

We obviously go about generating HoPo in completely different ways, and I'm not sure one way is "right" or "wrong" or if either one is better than the other, but they are certainly different. ToR accounts for exactly 25% of my HoPo generation for this log. I also found it interesting that my 1 point of BL basically performed at the same rate as Adt's 2/2 BL build.

I basically did this to make sure readers don't see "ToR is horrible" and immediately drop the talent. If it doesn't fit your playstyle, the encounter, or you strategy then it's prefectly fine to pass up this talent. However, ToR can perform well as far as HoPo generation is concerned, which I feel like this data begins to demonstrate as it is 1/4 of my total HoPo generation for an entire BoT clear.

These were just 2 random parses I found that looked good to compare. Adt's is from 3/31/11 and mine was taken from 3/01/11 so there could be some changes in that amount of time, but I don't think there would be many that would influence much.

I'm not sure I really have a "Conclusion" on this data, just wanted it to be presented. Definitely open to discussing anything related to the data or the validity of ToR in an end-game PvE spec.

The problem lies that you are losing out on HPS by actually targeting your beacon and healing that person. I can't think of an encounter at the top of my head where I would just heal my beacon.

Halfus - You healed your beacon 16 times when there are multiple tanks taking damage. Maybe it was during the burn phase after only 1 tank is tanking who knows. But even then with furious roar and scorching blast from the proto you should be using DLight on the raid with beacon on the current halfus tank.

DD - Healed beacon 8 times. Again this fight there is only 1 tank currently tanking the boss. Obviously beacon current tank and heal the raid. I understand this encounter doesn't have a lot of damage going out so I can see how healing your beacon every now and then doesn't yield in a loss of HPS. But usually people are dumb and chain meteorites, get hit by breath, not enough stack for blackout, etc.

AD - 13 times. You should have beacon on Feludius tank and divine light ignacious tank when he flame torrents. Don't see a reason in healing beacon this phase. Phase 2 beacon Arion tank and heal Terrestra tank... again dont see why you would heal your beacon on arion. Phase 3 you beacon MT and spam heal the raid with divine lights, again dont see why you would heal the beacon

Cho'gall - 16 times. A little excessive but this fight is really weird imo. I start with beacon on the MT and yea there is absolutely no raid damage so you can def heal your beacon here. Once the adds come out we have different healing assignments so not sure what you guys do. During the burn phase you should pretty much never heal the beacon

I'm not using ToR is useless, but it's not worth 3 points.

On a side note I am very surprised that Magmaw does not proc any blessed life. I was sure the random fireballs or even spew would proc BL. Weird.
Maybe the better question to be asking is "Are you other holy paladins generally assigned to keeping one tank or both tanks alive?"

For me, it is generally one tank. I'm responsible for one, and our resto druid would be responsible for the other. Perhaps this is very different from other healing strategies?

also everything I am talking about here is concerning the 10 man format. I am just now getting my first taste of 25 mans in Cata so still in my "adjustment" period =)

If you are just going for general HPS enhancement, then ToR would not be as valuable because you don't want to heal your Beacon target. If you are trying to enhance your HPS done on a single target, then ToR is awesome.

You basically hit the nail on the head when you said it is not just about maximizing HPS or potential HPS.

Edit: And to answer your question, healing assignments are virtually the same for our raid group. We typically have holy paladin focus on 1 tank, disc priest focus on 1 tank, and shaman focused on raid.

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