Where have all the servers gone

First off I must thank Blizzard for the effort and time put into the new expansion. From what I can just see it looks good.

As to that I must say you really got caught with your pants down tho' with the influx of players, didn't you. I have 5 80's on Frostmourne and cant play one of them. Logged on and found over a 6k Q. Every time now i try to log in i get a Q from 2k to 5k. Sorry i don't pay you a monthly fee to wait for over 3 hours to get on to play for four hours.

What you guys run out of computers to make a couple of more servers ? If so i have a couple of spares in my garage you can have if it would help.

Come on guys lets get it together OK. ? I'm seriously thinking of terminating all my accounts till you guys work it out.

And no i don't want a free transfer to another server. You guys just need to figure out a way to cap a server and not cram as many people onto the one server as you can. Money isn't everything. Or is it ??

Well that's my spleen venting session. It most likely will be the first and last as it will get scrubbed and I'll be hung out to dry. It's a shame tho' my first and only forum discussion had to be a Blizzard flame but i think you guys deserve it.

Oh and do you guys ever play the game ? If so do me a favor please - try to get a GM online for ANY reason will you ?? I'm sure GM's are a Myth. Just try it please. No wonder people get away with anything within the game.

I'm so sorry but my patience and understanding has run out.

Ima outa here

I'd like to say, you'll be missed.

But crying about Q times, and being in Aussie Frontier...

Your just as bad as everyone else who cries about large ques and server restarts but continues to pay. For the past 3 days ive had to deal with this que, as stupid as it is, its to be expected. It was bad at bc and horrible for Wotlk. I think past experiance should tell you that it would of been alot worse this time around. Suck it up and stop having a go at blizzard.
I agree, the Q's suck. But my main concern isn't the horrible wait time. I have several alts spread out over 4 realms. My problem is if I log out on kiljadean and it's locked when I get home from work I cant log onto another realm. My whole %%@* freezes up It's stuck at the "logging onto realm" panel. So even though I have toons on other servers I can't play them because im locked into a 3k Q on kiljadean.
I'm just thankful that the servers are stable when you log in.
To my recognition, world server hasn't crashed yet and that's Blizzard's hardware doing pretty well.
I've played on and off since classic but 3 hours to get into my server is beyond my patience. I will be cancelling my subscription come January. I'm at a loss as to how after two previous expansion packs we continue to suffer from huge que times but I'm sick of it. Now of course I realize there is a need for ques, restarts, maintenance and the like, thats the reality of having a server based game. But when it gets to the point where I rarely get the chance to play the game I start to question why I am paying for the service. Again, if further servers are not added, or the que times are not substantially reduced I will be cancelling my subscription come January.

Aaaaaaand cancelled. Later.
What do you really expect Blizzard to do? Raise the player cap by even more making the server unstable when everyone is on?
The only way for the server population issue to be resolved is to transfer to another realm. So Blizzard have opened up free character transfers.

I understand the frustration with queue times but what people are asking is for Blizzard to make their server unstable for play or to kick people off who have also had to wait in the queue to satisfy you. They clearly didn't expect the massive influx of returning players.

I transfered my main to Gundrak, I play whenever i want. I log on with no queue and don't get spam anywhere. Its great for now. My advice is to stop QQing and cancelling, you clearly want to play it, make use of Blizzards free character transfers. Take all your friends so you can still be playing essentially exactly the same as you are. The dungeons and raids don't change based on what server your on, just the players, I guarantee all your friends will be experiencing the same frustrations and want an easy out which involves still being able to play the game.
Well that was a breath of fresh air! To all those who agreed well done. To all the trolls who didn't see the point being driven all i can say is keep on trolling - the world need idiots as well to function.

To get to the point Blizz Should have expected this on the lead-up to the expansion coming out and headed it off at the pass so to speak. They had the time and definitely have the resources available but chose not to. I guess it was a case of some board egghead saying "suck em in, get the money rolling and we'll fix the problems later".

And you trolls come up with the most brilliant solution - transfer to another realm. God some people are just plan stupid. All i can say to you is "DERP DERP" Why the hell would I want to start a new character all over again just because Blizz can't get it together ??
And to the guy who uses the clicker application - you think Blizz DOESN'T know you use it ?? FAIL. You just proved to me you don't need a long neck to be a goose.
Well it seems they have added to their realm server cluster, or whatever. Only problem is it appears they repurposed the login server to do so!

I see forums are full of fanboys who keep crying to let off Blizzard cause they are doing their best or something. Well, I will happily cut them some slack if they were honorable enough to offer some credit, or some compensation, to all players for the inconvenience. It's not that it would actually make a diff, or make up for the crummy experience, or that I want money or any such thing. But it would be a gesture on their part. A gesture that they feel in their pocket woul dring true as a real gesture to me. So far I am seeing sweet FA from Blizz to acknowledge they have stuffed this up.
What's the point of making more servers? The population will just drop back down to normal in a fortnight or so, and then the new servers will be dead. As it is, half of the oceanic servers are fairly low pop.
If you droping tears on just waiting for que, I doubt you gona drop a lot more tears in real life son.

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